Greg Hill & Chris Rubens’ Electric Adventures (Ep.66)

This week we’re talking to Greg Hill and Chris Rubens. Greg is probably best known for his feats in ski touring, including his accomplishment in 2010 of skiing 2 million vertical feet in a year. And Chris Rubens is probably best known for being dumb enough to try to keep up with Greg. (Just kidding, Chris.) Most of you listening to this already know that Chris is a great skier, but what I continue to learn and appreciate with each conversation I have with him is that he is first and foremost a thoughtful, fun, and humble guy. Maybe that’s why Greg and Cody Townsend like having him around so much.

Greg Hill and Chris Rubens on the Blister Podcast, talking about The Curve of Time and their Electric Adventure
Greg Hill and Chris Rubens (photo by Bruno Long)

A couple days ago I sat down with Greg and Chris in Denver to talk about how the two became the unofficial power couple of Revelstoke, and to learn more about the logistics of their latest Electric Adventure which took them from Revy to Colorado in an electric car for a screening of their new film, The Curve of Time.

The Curve of Time comes out on Salomon TV on February 27th, and Greg and Chris talk about what inspired the film, and how it embodies both their love of the outdoors and their continued efforts to consider the impact that each of us is having on the environment — and what we might do about that. So I really hope their new film and our conversation here stimulate some new thoughts that get each of us to take some new actions.


  • When did you guys meet? (2:10)
  • Greg’s background & trajectory (5:35)
  • How long have you guys been adventuring together? (8:45)
  • The Salomon film, Guilt Trip (11:12)
  • Chris & Gregs’ Electric Adventures – the logistics of journeying in various electric cars (15:25)
  • Recognizing our footprints, taking steps to reduce it (22:38)
  • Taking action & the charges of hypocrisy (26:08)
  • The new film by Jordan Manley, The Curve of Time (30:45)



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  1. Thanks for the nice episode. Sled acces to backcountry is almost non existent here in continental Europe but actually I am thankfull for that. The mountains are stitched with lifts anyway.

    The guys might want to check out what we are working on here in Tyrol – an all electric sled alternative, The Ziesel and soon an bigger brother the Ardenner. Is it ok to post website?

    Keep up the excelent content! Cheers Jiri

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