Jonathan Siegrist, Part 1 (Ep.4)

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Jonathan Siegrist is a professional rocker climber — and one of America’s most psyched climbers. After years climbing full time, he has an impressive resume of hard ticks, both on bolts and gear. He also has a deep enthusiasm for the sport, its history, and his fellow climbers.

Jonathan Siegrist on the All Things Climbing Podcast
Jonathan Siegrist on “I, Me, Mine,” Central Texas.

We discuss with Jonathan his entrance into climbing, his diverse lists of accomplishments on the rock, why he’s obsessed with climbing “old” routes, and the unique characteristics of the new generation of strong climbers.

We covered a lot of ground, so we broke the conversation into two parts. Check out Part One below:


  • Jonathan’s entrance into the climbing (6:45)
  • Origin of his nickname JSTAR (8:50)
  • Life in Vegas (12:50)
  • Red Rocks, Smith Rock, The Gunks and other crags (25:10)
  • How Jonathan’s goals have changed over time (29:50)
  • Why Jonathan was obsessed with climbing “old” routes (32:05)
  • Impact of gyms and technology on climbing (39:50)
  • Differences in the new generation of hard climbers (45:07)

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