Jonathan Siegrist, Part 2 (Ep.5)

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This week we’re picking up where we left off with Jonathan Siegrist, who’s been at the top of American rock climbing for over a decade. Over that time, he has watched the sport change and grow dramatically, and he’s spent a lot of time reflecting on those changes and his own relationship with the sport. In this episode, we get a little deeper into his thoughts on the up-and-coming generation; his time on the Dawn Wall with Tommy Caldwell; what role “adventure” plays in climbing; and how we can shape the future of the sport in a positive way.

Jonathan Siegrist on the All Things Climbing Podcast
Jonathan Siegrist climbing in Pemberton, BC. (photo by Jim Martinello)


  • Changes in the new generation of climbers (1:00)
  • Climbing and adventurism (6:00)
  • Why Jonathan is primarily known as a sport climber (10:40)
  • Jonathan’s time with Tommy Caldwell on the Dawn Wall (13:00)
  • Adam Ondra’s fast repeat of the Dawn Wall (16:20)
  • What separates Adam from other climbers (21:00)
  • How the climbing community can improve (25:30)

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