New DPS Skis & Products with Stephan Drake (Ep.22)

We talk with DPS Skis founder, Stephan Drake, about DPS Dreamtime; the new DPS Wailer 110; the DPS Spoon, Lotus 138, and 124; and some very big news about DPS Phantom, the ski and snowboard base treatment that DPS introduced this past season.


  • Stephan’s background and the history of DPS: Episode #38 of the Blister Podcast
  • Conversation with Stephan on the introduction of Phantom: Episode #59 of the Blister Podcast

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  • Stephan’s current ski testing (2:45)
  • What is DPS Dreamtime? (3:22)
  • DPS “Powderworks” – and the new DPS Wailer 110 (5:18)
  • Clarifying the DPS framework: constructions & shapes (9:49)
  • The DPS Lotus 138 (13:47)
  • DPS Spoon (17:53)
  • Lotus 138 vs. DPS Spoon (19:10)
  • Lotus 124 vs. Lotus 138 (22:40)
  • Cassiar 94 and Cassiar 79 (24:54)
  • Big News about DPS Phantom (27:52)

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3 comments on “New DPS Skis & Products with Stephan Drake (Ep.22)”

  1. I really want to be sold on Phantom Wax, and I feel like most likely this will be the season I go ahead and give it a try. The only question that keeps floating in my mind is that if DPS is so confident in the product, why don’t they put it on every new ski they make?

    • Lot of reasons probably but the most obvious one to me is that it’s much better business selling Phantom to early adopters than using a high share of the probably limited production capability for DPS skis only. With time this should change, though.

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