New Skis, New Goggles, & Random Reviews (Ep.44)

Luke Koppa, Sam Shaheen, and I discuss new goggles — from great, to good, to terrible. Then we discuss the Armada ARV 106 Ti and 96 Ti, and which ski companies have stood out the most to us so far this season. We then share a few of the funniest answers to our BLISTER Survey (that you can win fully custom Folsom skis for completing), and we wrap up with a few very random reviews.

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  • New Goggles: high-end, price-point, and awful ones (5:50)
  • Armada ARV 106Ti & 96Ti (16:00)
  • Which ski companies stood out the most to us this season? (14:25)
  • Some favorite answers from our Blister Survey (29:40)
  • Some very random reviews (35:10)
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3 comments on “New Skis, New Goggles, & Random Reviews (Ep.44)”

  1. It must suck when you have so much gear to try that you can’t look through your new goggles before you head out for the day (disclosure: I’m just being jealous)

  2. Thanks for the great review on the Zipline XT Goggles. It also has a “preinstalled” RipClear Lens film on the lens which is another $20 value included. Chuck @

  3. Shoutout to the Fischer / Ranger 102 shoutout. Converted me from constantly demoing and buying/selling skis the past 3 seasons to looking at demos as just time wasted that could be on my rangers. On ~30 days on them all over the west coast this season I was just repeatedly amazed at how good and fun they were in every new condition/terrain I brought them in.

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