Sego Skis Founders: Tim & Peter Wells (Ep.69)

We have been receiving more and more questions about Sego skis and requests to review them, so today, you’re going to get the backstory of Sego Skis.

Sego Skis founders, Tim and Peter Wells, on the Blister Podcast
The Sego Bus

Sego was founded by two brothers, Tim and Peter Wells, and Sego is headquartered in the small mountain town of Victor, Idaho. So we talked to Tim and Peter about starting a ski company (actually, how they started two ski companies) and why they decided to set up shop in Victor to build skis.

Then we go over some particular Sego skis, the snowblades they’re producing, and why they have a ski called the Condor that has nothing on it other than … an avocado. You can check out now our First Look at the Condor, and, if you become a Blister member, you can also read our Flash Review of the Condor and get our initial on-snow impressions of the ski.


  • Introducing Sego’s founders, Tim & Peter Wells (1:33)
  • Starting their 1st ski company + lessons learned (4:08)
  • Starting their 2nd ski company, Sego (13:19)
  • Why the name Sego? (16:49)
  • Exactly what are you building in Victor, Idaho? (17:35)
  • What are the advantages and challenges of manufacturing in Victor? (21:30)
  • Demo days & the Sego school bus (29:19)
  • Becoming a “premier North American manufacturer” (33:08)
  • Sego’s best selling skis: the Cleaver 102 & Lynsey Dyer’s pro models, the UP Pro 110 & UP Pro 92 (34:35)
  • Sego’s women’s lineup & working with Lynsey Dyer 36:15)
  • The ski Peter’s most proud of – Tim’s personal ski (39:17)
  • Sego’s 18/19 lineup – including the Condor (aka, the Avocado) (42:40)
  • Sego snowblades! (51:30)


Sego Skis on the Blister Podcast
Sego Cleaver 88, 102, and 110
Sego Skis on the Blister Podcast
Sego UP 92, 108, AK, and Tour
Sego Skis on the Blister Podcast
Sego Big Horn 90, 96, and 106
Sego Skis on the Blister Podcast
Sego Wizard and Wizard 0.5
Sego Skis on the Blister Podcast
Sego Wave BC and Condor Ti
Sego Skis on the Blister Podcast
Sego Gnarwhal 86 and 102
Sego Skis on the Blister Podcast
Sego Prospect 98, 112, and 120
Sego Skis on the Blister Podcast
Sego Tait’r Tot 108 and 118
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1 comment on “Sego Skis Founders: Tim & Peter Wells (Ep.69)”

  1. Great skis – extremely well made and built in USA in the PNW….Evo and REI and Next Adventure in Portland carry them if they can keep them in stock…..I am hoping they will add these other models and have them for demo so I can try them. My wife has AK….and loves them in anything soft with its reverse camber swallow tail….never seen here ski so well in pow since she bought these.

    Great Review Luke !!! Will listen to cast 4 sure- cool Co…

    Sure look forward to learning more about the Condor as a 50/50 and really curious about the weights on Cleaner 110 – that will be in the Charger section for sure next year I bet…..I have the Cleaver 87 from side and it beat out the Nordica E93 IMO. I tried the Prospects at a Demo day and bought the 112 demo at end of season – flat underfoot ….butter zone for those that do that – not me :) too old….rocker tip tail – most fun , fast all men ski so long as not ice….3-4 inches go to happy ski….and hauls…..any young freestyle orientated jib skier or older guy looking to have fun – BUY THESE and smile smile smile. :)

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