Testing in Telluride: 18/19 Ski Gear (Ep.11)

Today we’re discussing a bunch of the brand new ski equipment we’ve been testing at Telluride, including the Line Sakana, ON3P Wrenegade 114, Faction Dictator 4.0, Rossi Soul 7, the new Atomic-Salomon SHIFT binding, and more.

Blister talks about reviewing 18-19 skis at Telluride on the blister GEAR:30 podcsat.
Blister’s Luke Koppa on the ON3P Kartel 108 this past week in Telluride. (photo by Ryan Bonneau)


  • A recap of Telluride, plus JE getting back on snow – and heli skiing (1:23)
  • Rossignol Soul 7 HD & Blizzard Rustler 11 (5:00)
  • Line Sakana (10:30)
  • ON3P Wrenegade 114 (12:45)
  • Faction Dictator 4.0 (15:00)
  • Atomic / Salomon SHIFT MNC binding (18:55)
  • Black Crows Daemon (23:20)
  • Volkl Mantra M5 & Blizzard Bonafide (26:30)
  • Renoun Endurance 98 (29:31)
  • ON3P Kartel 108 (35:55)

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5 comments on “Testing in Telluride: 18/19 Ski Gear (Ep.11)”

  1. Hi Jonathan,
    I’ve been researching Zipfit Boot Liners not finding a ton of info out there. Will you be doing a review any time soon? As always, a great way to enjoy my morning coffee. Keep up the good work and glad your back on snow! Tom

  2. Tom,

    While I don’t own a pair, I’ve been staring at them/handling them/(drooling) and know a few people that say they are absolutely worth it in terms of ultimate fit/product longevity.

    It DOES seem like a ridiculous price to pay for a neoprene/leather/cork liner (hence, why I still don’t have a pair), but the boot tech I know is on his 4th season and they still looks fantastic, you just refill/replace the cork as they get packed in, and they’re like new. If they truly last 8+ years as I’ve heard, it seems like a no brainer. They occasionally pop up on E-Bay (the ultimate place to buy ski gear that has been ‘used’ 1-5 days.)

    On a side rant… Can we talk about how crappy/cheap stock liners are on some of the most expensive boots? (looking at you Lange RS 140 lace-up faux leather, starting ripping after 10 days of skiing, liner…)

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