The Guide Life with AMGA President, Angela Hawse (Ep.85)

Angela Hawse is one of the most accomplished Mountain Guides in the U.S, and she is now the president of the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA). She was the AMGA Guide of the Year in 2011; became the first woman to join the AMGA Instructor Team; is the only woman that teaches and examines other guides in all three disciplines (rock, alpine, skiing); and serves as President the AMGA’s Board of Directors. She’s also a co-owner of Chicks Climbing & Skiing — a business empowering women through outdoor sports — and a team member of Protect Our Winters Climb.

Angela Hawse in West Papua on an expedition to Carstenz Pyramid.
Angela Hawse in West Papua on an expedition to Carstenz Pyramid.

So we talked to Angela about her background; how she got into guiding; the various roles she has taken on; the experiences that drove Angela’s career; what advice she would offer to aspiring guides; and the ways guiding culture is shaped by gender dynamics, national policies, and more.


  • How Jonathan and Angela first met (2:52)
  • Angela’s wide-ranging professional titles (6:48)
  • What led you to guiding? (11:40)
  • What advice would you give to aspiring guides? (21:18)
  • Differences between the AMGA and the IFMGA? (25:35)
  • Your favorite guiding experience? (30:52)
  • Most harrowing guiding experience? (34:32)
  • Being a female in this industry (35:49)
  • Angela’s motivations for joining POW Climb (45:14)

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