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For this week’s giveaway, you’ve got a shot at winning a custom ski from ON3P. So you can pick any model, then customize the flex pattern and choose any ON3P print graphic you want. Of course, if you’d like to stick with one of ON3P’s stock models, you’re welcome to do that, too.

So yep, the winner gets to pick any of these built-in-Portland-Oregon skis, including the new Wrenegade 114, the tweaked Kartel or Wrenegade 108, the new Magnus 102, the Jessie 96 or 108, etc.

And if you need to be brought up to speed on the new 18/19 ON3P lineup, you can see the new lineup here, and listen to our conversation with ON3P’s illustrious Scott Andrus about the entire new line.

(Note: Andrus suggested that we should probably include the word “illustrious” here.)

Eligibility & How To Enter

To be eligible, like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Instagram, then sign up here to win:

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(This Giveaway is open to skiers everywhere who are 18 years or older, and the winner will be chosen at random.)

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  1. Yup – I just deleted mine. I’ll never have FB or instagram again. I know you need to promote your product, but you might have to find another way.
    I actually can’t believe I’m about to give you my email address just to post this stupid comment.

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