Weird Skis & Women’s Ski Boots (Ep.13)

We’ve got 2 parts to this episode: first, I talk with Blister reviewer, Sam Shaheen, about the most unusual ski we’ve ever reviewed (and the ski that nearly caused Sam and me to fight), the Renoun Endurance 98. And then Sam and I wrap up with an update on the Scott Scrapper 115.

Then I talk with Blister reviewers Sascha Anastas and Kara Williard about women’s ski boots, and the problem it can be for good skiers (that happen to have small feet) to find boots that works for them.

Having Sascha and Kara weigh in on this is great, since they are both good skiers, and Kara also happens to be very good bootfitter who works at the Boot Doctors in Taos Ski Valley. Sascha has just gone through a pretty extensive process of trying to find a new boot that really works for her, so she and Kara talk a bit about that, and why Sascha ended up going with the Atomic Hawx Ultra 110 W.


  • Renoun Endurance 98 (1:42)
  • Scott Scrapper 115 (16:15)
  • Sascha & Kara’s backgrounds (19:30)
  • Sascha & Kara on the problem of women’s ski boots (24:50)
  • Atomic Hawx Ultra 110 W (30:28)

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2 comments on “Weird Skis & Women’s Ski Boots (Ep.13)”

  1. hi. the reports about the renoun skis have been a gas. do you plan to test the new one, the citadel ?
    sounds like a J skis Metal with hdt. could be good one…

  2. oops. my bad. that was before i knew the new ski was so carbony. i just knew the dimensions and thought it was still the maple core…

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