4th Annual Blister Awards, SIA

• Extreme Makeover Award •

Rossignol Angus

Rossignol Angus Snowboard
Rossignol Angus (center)

The Angus premiered as Rossignol’s first hybrid-camber board in 2009, and hasn’t changed much since.

For next season, Rossi added Magne-traction, raised the contact points slightly, and lowered the tip and tail. While we liked the Angus before, it will be interesting to see how this juxtaposition of rolled edges and Magne-traction performs.

• The “Thank You not Screwing Up a Good Thing” Award •

LINE Skis Mr. Pollard’s Opus

Once again, the only thing that gets changed on Eric Pollard’s ski is the graphic.

Line Mr. Pollards Opus 2015, Blister Gear Review
LINE Mr. Pollard’s Opus

And once again, Eric’s new graphic is arguably the best one out there. Again.


Nordica Soul Rider

It’s forgiving and intuitive for intermediates, fun and energetic for freestyle-y advanced and expert skiers.

2014-2015 Nordica Soul Rider, Blister Gear Review
14/15 Nordica Soul Rider

The Soul Rider has stood as a benchmark of ours in the ~100mm underfoot, playful all-mountain ski category. Zero reason to change a ski that’s this much fun.


11 comments on “4th Annual Blister Awards, SIA”

  1. blister, when are you guys going to review the volkl v-works katana? there is a paucity of good reviews out there of this ski and unfortunately, given the price, no one is demoing the skis. would love to hear your expert opinions, especially in comparison of the other light weight carbon ski, dps wailer 112. thanks for your consideration and keep up the great work that establishes your site as the most informative, thorough, usable ski review site on the web. rod

  2. I’ve been skiing the new 185cm Wailer 105 for the past two weeks. It’s a badass ski and definitely looking forward to the 191 version. PM Gear super stiffs and my Head m103s are a couple skis that flex about as stiff, but there isn’t much more out there that has flexed this stiff, for sure. A good alternative to the Cochise and Katana for those that want some camber – like myself (can’t stand the greasiness on edge transitions). Have fun guys!

  3. I realize there’s money to be made selling “technical” street-wear to a bunch of wanna bees, but what the f… has that got to do with skiing? Metal zipper sliders a hazard? Lamest outerwear summary ever.

  4. Have you guys seen anything different with next year’s cochise? I’ve seen different comments around the web. Blizzard claim to have added a tiny bit of camber and a little softer (in their words “friendly cochise”). Some people say there is a small camber, others say that’s just like the previous versions… what’s your take on the new(?) cochise?

      • Thank you Jonathan! That is what I last heard from TGR too. I’m really curious to check out the new cochise, really stoked on the “more friendly” cochise. Bummer there isn’t demos available matching the production ski.

  5. When will we get to hear about your take on Praxis’ GPO or the slightly tweaked Moment Belafonte? My curiousity has gotten the best of me and I’m giving you guys a bump. Can we get a Preview edition?

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