Blister’s Holiday Gift Guide

With Christmas approaching fast, there’s probably a good chance that you’re still looking for one or two gifts for some of the active people in your life.

So we asked our crew for some gift suggestions, and the answers ranged from beanies to bikes, and everything in between.

We recently rolled out our Blister ‘Best Of’ Awards, which included some of our favorite skis, boards, boots, jackets, gloves, etc. So you might want to take a look there for a number of great gift ideas, too.

First up, stocking stuffers.


Jonathan Ellsworth’s Pick: Funny Shit in the Woods and Other Stories: The Best of, $15

If Brendan Leonard wrote it, I’m reading it. And this is a collection of Brendan’s best stuff on his website, Semi-Rad.

(I recently reviewed Leonard’s first book, The New American Road Trip Mixtape, and you may want to check that book out, too.)

Holiday Gift Guide, Blister Gear Review.

Tom Collier’s Pick: Wolf Tooth Chainring, $68 (32 tooth)

The Wolf Tooth has been one of my favorite narrow wide chainrings for a couple of years now. It has a fairly long life and holds a chain securely. It is well priced, and allowed me to stop using a chainguide entirely, dropping both weight and friction, and removing the mud trapping locations that are inherent in chain retention devices. (See my full review of the Wolf Tooth Chainring.)

Wolf Tooth Chainring, Blister Gear Review.

Matt Zia’s Pick: Petzl Tibloc Compact Emergency Ascender, $30

What better way to say, “I love you” than a lightweight, indestructible piece of gear that could help save your life? My Tibloc lives on my harness every time I go climbing for its multiple uses in rescue situations.

Holiday Gift Guide, Blister Gear Review.

Kaela Gillum’s Pick: Mons Royale Boyleg Underwear, $45

We told you in last year’s Holiday Guide about the Mons Royale Men’s Boxers. This season, we’d like to introduce you to the Mons Royale Women’s Boyleg Short. The soft, lightweight, merino wool feels great and stays put. Skiing, lounging, sleeping, or working, you will love these undies.Blister Holiday Gift Guide, Blister Gear Review

Jonathan Ellsworth’s Pick: Discrete Scooba Beanie, $30

In my lifetime, I think I’ve owned roughly 487 beanies. This is my current favorite, and actually one of my all-time favorites. It’s slouchy, soft, and has a fairly loose fit on my head, which I like because your beanie shouldn’t be giving you a headache while you’re trying to aprés.

Holiday Gift Guide, Blister Gear Review.

Julia Van Raalte’s Pick: Skida Headwear & Accessories, Assorted prices

Skida is one of the coolest companies I’ve come across, and I imagine you’ll have a hard time buying just one thing from them. Their hats, headbands, bandanas, and neckwarmers are all made in Vermont (except for their new cashmere collection, which is from several of their partner factories around Kathmandu, Nepal), and the prints are really fun and always changing. Skida makes men’s and kids pieces, too.

Holiday Gift Guide, Blister Gear Review.

Jonathan Ellsworth’s Pick: Cloud Star Dynamo Dog Treats

Judging from / by the reactions of my twin akita-timberwolves, these Dynamo Dog Treats are basically crack for dogs. But healthier crack. They are made in the USA, all natural, with no artificial flavors or byproducts.

Blister Holiday Gift Guide, Blister Gear Review

And while I haven’t tasted them myself, when I leave them out on the counter, my dogs just sit there and stare at the bag until I oblige.

Dynamo Dog Treats, Blister Gear Review

Dogs are the best. Get them something nice this season.

Will Brown’s Pick: Ski Skootys $30

My friends have given me some crap for wearing these between the parking lot and the lift (with old man and gaper jokes, etc) but I don’t care. Skootys are awesome. I bought them mainly because I wanted something to prolong the life of my boot soles, which they do very nicely. But I’ve come to love them even more because their rubber, rockered soles make walking in ski boots a more natural, very cushy, clunk-free experience. (And sprinting in them isn’t out of the question if you need to catch a shuttle. Believe me.)

Holiday Gift Guide, Blister Gear Review.
Skootys now makes a SkootyClaws model, too, with retractable steel cleats for more grip on ice – I may have to buy myself some for X-mas, cuz that’s some next-level skooting.

Will Brown’s Pick: Platypus SoftBottle $9

I prefer to ski without a pack if I’m riding lifts in the resort, but like to carry some water with me if I can. Because it’s flexible and compressible (depending on how full it is), you can carry the SoftBottle in a large jacket pocket. It’s less bulky than a Nalgene to begin with, and when you’re done, just fold it up and you’ll forget it’s there. It’s nice to have in a pack, too, for the same reasons.

Holiday Gift Guide, Blister Gear Review.

Will Brown and Jed Doane’s Pick: Avalon7 Facemask, $20

Facemasks are great to have both on storm days when you’re fighting wind chill and on sunny days as basic sun protection. Avalon7 masks and neck tubes are made out of a perforated, stretchy material that’s warmer and more breathable than your old fleece Turtle-fur or even thin synthetic fabrics.

Holiday Gift Guide, Blister Gear Review.


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