Blister’s Holiday Gift Guide


Noah Bodman’s Pick: WTB Trail Boss Tire, $39.95 – $79.95

For all around riding, the Trail Boss finds the middle ground, hooking up well when things get a little rowdy, while still rolling quickly enough to not feel dog-ish.  Particularly for use on my hardtail, it’s my favorite option out of anything I’ve tried in recent memory.

Noah Bodman reviews the WTB Trail Boss Tire, Blister Gear Review

Paul Forward’s Pick: DPS Spoon, $1,299

Looking for an ultra-exotic ski gift? A pair of DPS Spoons and a trip to Japan or the Chugach could be life-changing for any passionate skier. review of the DPS Spoon, Blister Gear Review

Julia Van Raalte’s Pick: Line Pandora, $650

I know I’ve talked your ear off about the Pandora, but it really is that fun. And who wouldn’t want a playful, all-mountain, soft-snow oriented ski with pretty graphics under the tree?

Julia Van Raalte reviews the Line Pandora, Blister Gear Review

Noah Bodman’s Pick: 2015 Devinci Spartan Carbon SX

Out of all the fancy new bikes I rode at Interbike, the Spartan was really the one that made me say “Oooooh, I want that.”  If the Moment Blister Pro is the “playful charger” for winter pursuits, the Spartan is its summer equivalent.

Noah Bodman reviews the Devinci Spartan Carbon SX, Blister Gear Review.

Jonathan Ellsworth’s Pick: Moment Blister Pro, $699

Speaking of the Blister Pro, the Moment Blister Pro. Because duh.Moment Blister Pro - vertical

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