5 comments on “Video: BLISTER, Las Leñas”

  1. This is a great addition to the site. It’d be really awesome if y’all posted video that corresponded to the reviews. It’s always interesting to see the skis in action, and I have a feeling you could approach Contour, GoPro, or Sony about sponsoring (as long as you don’t have plans to review cameras).

    Y’all do such a good job describing certain situations, (like the opening of your Katana review) that it would be cool to actually see them too.

  2. Nice video. Can you tell more about LL? How long post storm was the vid taken? Are those excellent lines a boot pack or skin access? How long to to get to them?

    • Hey Ted,

      Most of those shots were taken 3 or 4 days following the storm, and were ~20 min boot packs off the Marte chair. The backcountry, off-piste terrain in LL is incredibly accessible. A boot pack will get you to a ton of new lines just outside the resort. Skinning, it’s hard to know where to even start, you’re options are practically endless.


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