What You’re Wearing, Part 5: Bison Fibers? (Ep.93)


  • Brendan’s background & current role (1:35)
  • United By Blue’s mission to clean waterways (2:35)
  • Why use bison fibers? (7:15)
  • Their unique supply chain (11:07)
  • What is scouring & dehairing? (13:45)
  • The different types of bison fibers (16:20)
  • Bison vs. Goose Down (20:31)
  • What is bison fiber apparel best suited for? (22:20)
  • United By Blue’s sustainability practices (33:40)

Bison Wool? Bison Down? That’s a thing? Well it’s being used by one company, United By Blue,
who started salvaging otherwise wasted bison fibers, and is now incorporating them into a growing range of products.

So we talked with Brendan Raugh, senior apparel designer at United By Blue, which sells bison fiber outerwear. We talk about how United By Blue was founded as a waterway cleanup company; how they went on to develop an entire line of apparel around salvaged bison coat fibers; the logistics of creating a new supply chain; how bison fibers compare to sheep’s wool and goose down; what the futures holds for the company and their unique material; and more.

On Blister's GEAR:30 Podcast, Sam Shaheen talks to United By Blue apparel designer, Brendan Raugh, about bison wool, bison down, and how United By Blue is using all sorts of bison fibers in apparel and more.

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