2011-2012 Black Diamond Megawatt, 188cm

With improved construction materials and reworked flex and tip profiles, Black Diamond sought to enhance their signature powder ski. What we dig about it are the dimensions: 151-125-131mm, with a 35 meter turn radius. It might not be the first ski we’d grab to go ski a bunch of super tight trees (though eventually we’ll get it in the trees and find out); but for the open terrain and tight chutes of Las Lenas? Yes, please.

2011-2012 Black Diamond Megawatt, 188cm, BLISTER
2011-2012 Black Diamond Megawatt

We liked the versatility of the new Black Diamond Amperage (see our reviews HERE) and are stoked to see what they can do with a more dedicated powder board for 2012. Black Diamond, you have our attention.


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