2011-2012 MOMENT Jaguar Shark, 192cm

The Jaguar Shark aims (probably with lasers on its head) for big mountain charging and outstanding flotation in soft snow. Given that those were two of our principal criteria for this review expedition, we had to take it with us.

2011-2012 MOMENT Jaguar Shark, 192cm (photograph by Ryan Heffernan)

The Jaguar Shark (143-116-129mm) is essentially a wider version of MOMENT’s Belafonte (135-106-124mm), with a slightly softer flex profile. We loved the burly Belafonte (you can read our reviews of it HERE), but a more powder-oriented version of the Belafonte could make people happier than a shark splattered with blood, cuddling a puppy.

What's hot this season? Sharks cuddling puppies and sniffing flowers. Duh. (photograph by Ryan Heffernan)

When it comes to this mythical beast, we’re really, really excited.

And yes, this ski wins the award for the weirdest topsheet in our quiver. By a landslide. Then again, it’s going to win the weirdest topsheet award in any quiver.


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