2012-2013 MOMENT Night Train, 186cm

Review of the Moment Night Train, Blister Gear Review
12/13 Moment Night Train

Ski: 2012-2013 MOMENT Night Train, 186cm

Dimensions (mm): 140-123-135

Turn Radius: 27.5 meters

Actual Tip to Tail Length (straight tape pull): 184.2cm

Weight Per Ski: 2296 grams / 5.06 lbs.

Mount Location: Factory Recommended

Boots / Bindings: Lange RX 130 / Marker Jester (DIN 10)

Test Location: Taos, Wolf Creek, Silverton

Days Skied: 4

(Editor’s Note: Our review was conducted on the 11/12 Night Train, which is unchanged for 12/13, except for the graphics.)

Intro / Caveat / Disclaimer:

In response to our Jaguar Shark review, we’ve received a lot of questions about the MOMENT Night Train, especially how the Night Train compares to the Bibby Pro and the new Jaguar Shark. (Thanks to everyone who wrote with questions and comments. We appreciate the feedback.)

I’ve done a handful of days on the Night Train this past season, including a big day at Wolf Creek and a really big day at Silverton, but I’ve wanted to ski the Night Train more before really weighing in on it.

Seems, though, that it might be helpful to go ahead and describe my experience so far on the NTs, and say a bit about the Night Train in relation to the Bibby Pro and the new Jaguar Shark.

So yeah, while this is going to be 10 (or 20) times longer than some other places’ typical reviews, please consider this just an initial review, and I’ll update when the snow starts to get deep at Alta or Jackson Hole or Taos.

End of Intro / Caveat / Disclaimer.

MOMENT Night Train vs. MOMENT Bibby Pro:

First: The 11/12 Night Train is unchanged from 10/11 (besides the graphics) for the 178cm and 186cm lengths. For 11/12, the 168cm model is now narrower.

2012-2013 MOMENT Night Train, 186cm, BLISTEROn paper, these skis seem fairly similar:

186cm Night Train: 140-123-135mm, 27.5 meter radius, 1540mm running length.

184cm Bibby Pro: 143-116-134mm, 24.5 meter radius, 1500mm running length.

190cm Bibby Pro: 143-118-134mm, 26.5 meter radius, 1560mm running length.

But the stats don’t tell the story here.

The Night Train feels like a very different ski than the Bibby Pro, so much so, that if you are a big Night Train fan, I have trouble thinking that you’d LOVE the Bibby, and if you really dig the Bibby, I doubt you’ll be all that down with the NT. People I know tend to be huge fans of one or the other, but I don’t know many people who claim to be in love with both.

The Bibby is a fairly burly ski, very stable, yet still remarkably playful. The Night Train feels lighter, is more center mounted, has a super balanced swing weight, and wants to spin and air. You can drive the shovels of the Bibby; you’re better off staying more centered on the NT. The Bibby charges, the NT, not nearly as much.

That’s not to say that there aren’t people who absolutely rip on the Night Train, but in my opinion, that’s an impressive feat on their part, or maybe they just weigh a lot less than I do (185 lbs.).

In a similar vein, I think it’s impressive when I see people maching around—especially in hard chop—on S7s or Bent Chetlers. If you can, I salute you, but just because you can, doesn’t mean that the ski ought to get a ton of the credit; I’d give the Oscar to the skier in such cases, not the ski.

Regarding the Night Train: if you ain’t jibbin’, get the Bibby. Both the Night Train and the Bibby Pro are fantastic switch, but the Bibby (IMO) is better in crud and chop, thanks to its stiffer shovels.

In deep untracked, both the Night Train and the Bibby are super fun, but I want to ski them back to back to be more specific about their deep performance.

And just to be clear, I’m not knocking the Night Train at all; there’s a reason why a ton of people love it. But I think you’re sort of either in the Night Train camp or the Bibby camp, and it’s good to get clear on the differences, especially since you hear people gushing about both.

Alright, on to the Night Train / Jaguar Shark comparison.

15 comments on “2012-2013 MOMENT Night Train, 186cm”

  1. Jonathan, great comparisons. Really clears up the differences between the three. Would you say the NT or Bibby is more similar to the ON3P Caylor?

    • Hey Eric – What I’d really be inclined to say is that the Caylor is more like the K2 Hellbent – with a backbone. But if the options are NT or Bibby, I’d say that the Caylor is closer to the Bibby. Will Brown, who has spent more time on the Caylor than I have had this to say: “The most noticeable differences between the Caylor and the Bibby is their feel on hardpack and dampening qualities. The Bibby Pro has a lighter, more poppy feel than the Caylor on groomers. This makes a good deal of sense, considering the Bibby has 4mm more camber underfoot and is built with a pine/aspen wood core reinforced with carbon stringers. The Caylor on the other hand is built with a bamboo/triax fiberglass core layup, which feels a little damper and heavier through chop, but isn’t quite as lively as the Bibby on harder snow. ”

      Then, Will added, “The Caylor and Bibby are comparable, but really are different skis on hardpack. The Caylor charges harder than the Bibby and is more at home stomping through heavy chop.”

      Hope that helps a bit.

  2. It’s interesting to hear all kinds of reviews talk about how the Bibby is more stiff and much more of a ‘charger’ than the NT, but Moment’s website depicts the NT’s flex as equal to, if not slightly stiffer than, the Bibby’s. Reviews like this one might lead some to believe that the NT would be more similar to a Hellbent than a Bibby would be, yet you say the Bibby is more comparable to the Caylor which I agree is like a ‘Hellbent with a backbone’. Interesting. I’m excited to test the NT out.

    • Eric – for 12/13, MOMENT has assigned flex ratings to their entire lineup. Take these things worth a grain of salt, of course, but MOMENT calls the Night Train a 7.5 and the Bibby Pro an 8.0. The NTs definitely aren’t stiffer than the Bibbys, but the NTs aren’t some kind of dumb pow noodle, either. If and when you get on the NTs, let us know what you think.

  3. Awesome comparisons. I’m between 2 skis, can u compare the on3p billy goat and the moment bibby. Any sugestions would be greatly aprecitaed.

  4. I am trying to decide between the bibby and the NT and am quite divided between then as I greatly enjoy a ski with great pop and plenty of jib. However there are also those days in which I have the need to charge. Im 150 lb and 6’0″ currently living in Fairbanks AK with that crappy dry 3 in-1 ft Fairbanks sugar “pow” (if it can even be called that). Im hoping to go to MSU for college and ski in Bridger and Big Sky and at times taking a trip to Mt Baker so it would be nice to have one of the more versatile skis that can work on and of piste. I’ve also somewhat consider the Ghost chants but have somewhat ruled them out as they seem to be too much of a deep heavy pow ski. Also I’ve had plenty of skiing years under my belt and have skied bother centered and traditional mounted skis but I have had no experience what so ever with any rockered ski above the 2009 Rossi S5, which has very little. Any suggestions?

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