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  1. I would be super stoked if you guys could get your hands on some KYE 110s, looks to me like a ski that could give the Bibby a run for its money…

  2. Reading this is almost like what a review of my EHPs would sound like. A bit of a chore in slow speeds and super lively when your going fast and it’s soft. I’ve come the conclusion that they are too cumbersome in tight couloirs where the speed needs to be dialed back, and also in tight trees, so I got a pair of Q105s for that stuff. My EHPs are almost destroyed, so I need a new soft snow ski. This review convinced me that I shouldn’t look elsewhere, but rather do the upgrade to the newer model of a trusted friend!

  3. Hey Julia ! Thanks for the review. I’m considering to buy the 187cm as my powder skis, but I’m concern that it might feel too long for tight chutes or trees. I’m 5”5 and 150lbs. Agressive, hard charging skier. To give you a better portrait my favourite skis are my old Dakota 2012-2013 got them in 170 cm but I’m feeling the need for longer skis. Also have a the 173 cm Blizzard Bonafide for all-around skiing and ZeroG 178cm for touring. Now I’m looking for a more specific powder, playful ski with which i can ski steep and deep while charging down the fall line and hitting some cliffs. Should I go for the 179 or 187 ? Thanks !! (Also thinking about the gunsmoke 179cm…)

    • Hey mp!

      I think that you would be totally fine with the 179cm pair. They felt supportive and I was comfortable skiing them fast. If you are still considering skiing in tighter trees and chutes on them, I think the 187cm pair would be a little long and cumbersome if you’re 5’5″. I’m 5’6″ and didn’t find myself wanting a longer pair. I actually ski the 185cm Moment Bibby Pros as a powder ski, which I love and wouldn’t want to go shorter. But with the flatter tail of the Hoji W, there is plenty of effective edge and I would not have sized up. I hope this helps!


  4. [Editor’s Note: Our review was conducted on the 15/16 Hoji W, which was not changed for 16/17, apart from graphics.]

    Pretty sure that is a typo. If your 2016/17 179’s are weighing in at 1955g per ski, that is nearly 200g per ski heavier than spec. 1950g is the weight of the current 187 length.

    Not sure where you are getting your info from, but something seems awry. 360g per pair is quite significant for a touring ski discrepancy. Correct me if I’m wrong…

      • According to 4FRNT’s website, the 16/17 Hoji and HojiW is “now lighter”, and their specs online reflect this.

        Which makes sense why your 15/16 skis weigh in quite a bit over 16/17 spec. I’d double ck info with 4FRNT on the whole “not changed for 16/17, apart from graphics” bit. That is what I was referring to as a typo. Just trying to sort out seasonal changes here and it seems as though this review is either not reflecting this 15/16 to 16/17 change or 4FRNT is misleading with their marketing of the 16/17 Hojis.

        • I’ve personally weighed the new Hojis from a local shop here in MT. Men’s and women’s. Def near/at their new “lighter spec” specs. Either you got duped, Blister, or have some one–offs with the whole “not changed for 16/17…” jargon.

          Just reporting back so that the folks have some real world info – the new Hojis are in fact, lighter. Thanks, 4FRNT, for the changes. While I haven’t skied em yet, I look forward to it!

      • Do you guys have any reviews of the Kye 110? I just ordered a pair in 181cm and am having second thoughts before I drill them. My previous ski is the Volkl Gotama 176 (full camber) and am wanting something damp and stable but still decent on groomers and good in powder. I ski at Bridger, lots of off piste and hiking. I’m a 5’11” 145lb female. I’m also looking at the ON3P Jessie 108 and the Line supernatural 108. If I’m off base for what I’m needing I’d love to be redirected :) Thanks!

  5. Is the only difference between this ski and the regular Hoji the flex pattern; i.e. is it just a softer Hoji? There are a number of good deals on the Hoji W in 187 right now; would I (as an advanced/expert, 5’9″, 135 lb male) find the Hoji W too noodly? Or is it worth considering? Thanks!

    • You’re good to ski the Hoji W. Esp at the the current deals online.

      It’s not softer, just a slightly different balance point. If you’re 5’9″ and 135 you’ll be stoked on the 187 Hoji W. Mount em, ski em. Go home happy.

  6. I’m looking at the Kye 110 in 181 length. I’m a 5’11” 145 lb girl, I ski pretty hard. Would these be too long or would they be okay? I worry about them being too long for me…

    • Hi Lauren!

      I think that at your height and given the fact that you are a more aggressive skier, you would be totally fine with the 181s. What length do you currently ski on? While the ski felt long occasionally, especially when going slower, I also like to ski fast and wanted that extra length most of the time. If you prefer spending most of your time going slower or in bumps and tight trees, it might be worth considering a smaller size that you can make faster turns on, but it sounds like the 181s would be a good size for you. I hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions:)

  7. Thanks for the quick response Julia! I am currently on a pair of Volk Gotama’s (original version without rocker) and they are 176cm. I have totally been struggling on what ski to get. I want something burly but not over the top :) And many of the women skis aren’t long enough for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

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