Preview: 2015-2016 Armada JJ 2.0

Ski: 2015-2016 Armada JJ 2.0

Available Lengths: 165, 175, 185, & 195cm

Stated Dimensions (mm):

  • 134-141-120-137-130 (195cm length)
  • 131-138-117-134-127 (185m length)
  • 130-137-116-133-126 (175cm length)
  • 129-136-115-132-125 (165cm length)

Stated Sidecut Radius:

  • 18 meters (195cm length)
  • 17 meters (185cm length)
  • 16 meters (175cm length)
  • 15 meters (165cm length)

Stated Weight per Ski: 2,120 grams (175cm length)

This season, Armada re-designed the JJ, and it’s coming back next year with a new graphic—or two, actually.

The JJ 2.0 has a longer sidecut radius, less tip and tail taper, and a slightly more conservative rocker profile than the original.

Armada says this results in better control and stability in variable conditions and steep terrain, and better flotation at slower speeds.

As for the flex pattern, Armada still rates the JJ 2.0’s profile as a 6 – 7 – 6.5 (tip – waist – tail), same as the Armada TST, and just a touch softer than the Norwalk.

But the new JJ should still be a very playful, trick-friendly tool. We’re looking forward to re-visiting this classic playful pow ski.

Oh, and if the JJ’s new graphic isn’t metal enough for you, Armada has teamed up with Metallica to make a limited-edition JJ 2.0 (and an Invictus 95Ti).

Metallica and Armada skis
Armada x Metallica

What’s the core made of? Probably lightning.


Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Armada JJ 2.0


Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Armada JJ 2.0 – The Metallica Edition



Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Armada JJ 2.0



Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Armada JJ 2.0 – Tip Profile



Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Armada JJ 2.0 – Tail Profile



Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Armada JJ 2.0 – Bases


10 comments on “Preview: 2015-2016 Armada JJ 2.0”

  1. Is there still a full review coming?
    I just bought an armada jj 2.0 185 and i am interested in some experiences/recommendations about the binding position? Should i go as recommended on the ski? I’m skiing forward most of the time, dropping some cliffs but no switch landings so far. I tried to butter a few times on my line sfb, which is going to be replaced now by the jj. On the sfb i went 2cm behind erik’s choice which i liked more than erik’s choice. So should I also go 2cm behind the recommended line on the JJ as well, or is there less nose diving potential on the armada than i have found on the line, since the ski is wider and a bit longer. I want to avoid to drill twice, like I did with my line sfb.
    I hope to get some answers to my question here!
    Cheers, Julius

  2. Any thoughts on how these would perform on your classic east coast conditions? I have been really interested in the JJ’s, and i have heard (via various reviews) about their solid performance on hardpack. I was hoping to grab these as my main driver, and obviously for any trips out west. Any insight would be appreciated!

    • I don’t ski on the East Coast, but I have skied the 14-15 JJs in a variety of conditions over the last three years. Obviously, they ski very well in powder. In my experience, they are very quick in moguls, and excellent in tight trees. They are also amazingly good on groomers. People often complain about wide, relatively soft, rockered skis chattering on hardpack, but I have not found this to be a problem with the JJs. I Commonly ski them at speeds exceeding 40 mph without feeling unstable. They rail amazingly well on everything except very icy hardpack. I can still comfortably ski them on boiler plate, they just don’t grip quite like a full camber, dedicated groomer ski. This might be partially because mine are detuned all the way back to behind the contact points. Overall, I haven’t seen any other ski that can match the JJs versatility.

      • John J, thanks so much for your reply. Its good to hear that the JJ’s perform as well (if not better than) advertised. I have heard that the 2.0’s offer an even more stable platform in variable snow than the originals, so i’m feeling confident in making the move on grab a set.

        • Good luck! I forgot to mention that they ski really short. I am about 5’11” and have the 185s. I definitely would not want them any shorter.

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