Preview: 2015-2016 Atomic Vantage 95 C

Overview / The New Atomic Vantage Series

For the 2015-2016 season, Atomic has redesigned their Vantage series of all-mountain skis with the goal of making the line (in their words) “lighter, stronger and better. So they’re even more effortless and better to ride on-piste, without sacrificing any of their play in the powder.”

From the widest to the narrowest underfoot, the new Vantage lineup contains the following men’s and women’s models:

  • The Vantage 100 CTi
  • The Vantage 95 C
  • The Women’s Vantage 95 C W
  • The Vantage 90 CTi
  • The Women’s Vantage 90 CTi W
  • The Vantage 85 CTi
  • The Vantage 85
  • The Women’s Vantage 85 W

The new men’s skis in the Vantage series are the descendants of the current Vantage Ritual, Vantage Alibi, Vantage Theory, Vantage Panic, and Vantage Rival.

Some of the new skis share the same waist widths as their predecessors, but they all feature new core constructions, sidecut radii, and more directional tail shapes that are less turned-up / twinned, but are still slightly rockered.

Of the new line, we are particularly interested in the new, 100mm-underfoot Vantage 100 CTi, which effectively takes the place of the current 103mm-underfoot Ritual, and the new Vantage 95 C, which replaces the Vantage Theory.

New Core Construction

The new Vantage 100 CTi, 90 CTi, and 85 CTi (as well as the women’s versions of the 90 and 85 CTi) all feature an updated core construction with a titanium insert and a new carbon layup that Atomic is calling “Carbon Tank Mesh” – it’s an open-weave carbon mesh laid across the ash/poplar wood core of the ski, as you can see in the photos below.

The Vantage 95 C and women’s Vantage 95 C W also feature the Carbon Tank Mesh, but have no metal in their core construction.

Atomic probably wins the award for Most Ridiculous Product Copy, with their spectacular “Sprocket Power Boosters” (in the Automatic line), and now “Carbon Tank Mesh.” But Sprockets and Tanks aside, we are still very eager to get some of these new Vantage skis on snow.

The new Atomic Vantage 95 C

The Vantage 95 C has a stout, medium/stiff flex pattern that, at least under a hand flex, seems very even and consistent (the ski’s shovels’ don’t seem much softer than its tails), which, combined with its relatively subtle tip and tail rocker, could give it a powerful, predictable and intuitive feel like that of the current Theory. The new Vantage 95 C has a slightly tighter sidecut radius and is a little lighter than the Theory, though, so it should have an ever quicker, more nimble feel.

We’re fans of the current Theory, and we’re excited to see how its replacement performs. Until we get it on snow, check out the specs and rocker profile pictures of the Vantage 95 C below:

Ski: 2015-2016 Atomic Vantage 95 C

Available Lengths: 162, 170, 178, & 186cm

Stated Dimensions (mm):

  • 134-95-121 (186cm length)
  • 133-95-119.5 (178cm length)
  • 132-95-118.5 (170cm length)
  • 131-95-116.5 (162cm length)

Stated Sidecut Radii:

  • 18.9 meters (186cm length)
  • 17.9 meters (178cm length
  • 16.8 meters (170cm length)
  • 15.8 meters (162cm length)

Stated Weight per Ski: 1,850 grams / ski (186cm length)


Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Atomic Vantage 95 C



Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Atomic Vantage 95 C



Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Atomic Vantage 95 C – Tip Profile



Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Atomic Vantage 95 C – Tail Profile



Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Atomic Vantage 95 C – Bases

7 comments on “Preview: 2015-2016 Atomic Vantage 95 C”

  1. Exciting! Would you recommend the women’s Vantage 95 C for a beginning skiier? This will be my second season skiing and with MUCH more frequency than I did last season. Alta calls!

    I’m looking for something that’ll last me a good while and facilitate skill development well, but I don’t want to jump into something that I won’t be able to navigate with well. I understand the flexibility has a lot to do with my carving ability… Thanks for reading!

  2. I have the 95c in a 178…200lb…x racer….old now…50…and love these for playing all mtn…have 120,109,95 now skis next is 80 front side Salomon x drive 80 FS.


  3. Any plans to review this? Potentially buying these skis as a gift for my Son, not sure whether it’s a value or not.

  4. Hey. I just became a member–I’ve already learned a great deal fro the site. I’m interested in this ski. I am 6’4″ 205 pounds, intermediate skier, 80 percent side country, 20 percent piste. Last season, I had lots of fun on the Rossignol Soul 7. It really helped me get off the piste into powder and feel comfortable. But it was a little soft for me, and hard for me to ski on hard pistes, and broken up ground. I generally like softer and smoother skis, so I’m looking for a ski that feels as much as possible like the Soul 7, but does a little better on piste, and on broken ground, crust, crud, and so on. I know I’ll sacrifice pure powder performance, but that’s fine with me. Any information about this ski (or other to consider!) would be appreciated.

  5. They Ski Short and Fold up for big aggressive skiers…I was really excited about them last spring in soft conditions but when I got them on ice they were skittery and chattery….I have since sold them cause I bought the 178 and am too big for that ski in that length.200lb..I finally started listening to Jonathan and his team about Skis and how and where I ski and what I am looking for. I bought some Fischer Motive 86Ti which are still out there on close out I think…..a lot of folks like the Motive 95TI as well….this year they are called the Pro Mtn series I think…the Ranger has too much tail rocker for my tastes as too much or any tail rocker can wash out and that the wrong time so I personally only have tail rockered skis for Powder only…..Great Skis…stiffer than Soul 7, flat non rockered slightly twinned tail, front rocker and a lot of camber. They are rated really high for edge grip on ice, fun in moguls, great off piste for a 86 waist. The 86 would be a great 1 ski quiver I think for East Coast folks …maybe want something wider if you are skiing out West or like me in Seattle and our Cascade Cement…..when we get a big dump I ski the Moment Bibby Pro which is a epic ski…Moment and other company’s like Liberty skis ( Origin 96 ) are made in the USA….K2 is made in China like some other brands so I stay away from them. Another Great American Ski that may be awesome for you is the J Ski The Metal model….Jason Levinthal who started Line Skis ( China Now ) and Full Tilt boots has started J Skis and the fellas at Blister review them really well.

    Hope you enjoy the site I joined last May or so and read it everyday….even have it on my cell phone…


  6. I demoed the 100CTi and the 95C, bought the 95C just because, at age 57, I wanted a more accessible ski. Both are great. The 100CTi is definitely better in chop and crud, it will blow through everything and doesn’t get knocked off line. But you have to ski it and it performs best with a bit of speed. The 95 will get knocked around a bit in firm crap, but is super playful and fun in moderately soft conditions or better. You can lazy around on it or drive it as you like. I’ve skied it in a foot or more of fresh on Hood and it handled it fine. This is my everyday ski now. I bring the 4FRT Renegades out only on the super deep days.

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