7 comments on “2018-2019 Black Diamond Boundary 107”

  1. That is a good looking ski.
    Does it prefer a forward stance or is it one of these “new school” centered bs snowblades?

    • It’s definitely not a snowblade, and doesn’t ski especially short – it wasn’t obvious that I would much prefer the 192s, and the only reason I’d be curious would be to see what kind of bump I might be able to get in variable conditions.

      On good groomers or consistent snow, I could certainly get on the shovels. But in variable terrain & conditions at speed, I haven’t yet felt comfortable getting all over the shovels like I can on the Blizzard Cochise, Moment Belafonte, Supernatural 108, or the Liberty Variant 113.

      It’s interesting – this is a pretty strong ski, but certainly not some traditional comp ski – for now, at least, I think the best I can do is still position it between the Line Supernatural 108 and the Rossi Soul 7.

  2. Is this an “intermidiate” ski in the same way as the Rossignol Soul 7? I ski North Island New Zealand and was considering the Soul 7 as a first powder / touring ski but we given the amount of variable snow we get this may suit the conditions better. I’m 180cm / 80kgs and an improving intermediate, would 184cm be the right length for me in the Boundary’s?

  3. Would you recommend the boundary 107 or the link 105 as a “only ski”? (Mostly used for powder but also on groomers)..

    Nice review!

  4. Jonathan, I just bought these skis in 184cm. I like to ski the whole mountain, pop off of everything I can find, and throw shifties a lot. The recommended mounting point seems far back. How far forward from it do you suggest I go? Don’t think it matters all that much, but I’m mounting it with Marker Kingpins.

  5. Hey I was wondering if you would think of these as a good 50/50 ski. I’m looking at these right now and hoping to get a touring setup that I can also use for powder in the resort.

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