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  1. Jonathan, thanks for sharing your thoughts on skiing the 109. I’m currently trying to decide between the Synapse 101 and 109 — with the deciding factor being the profile. Both appear to be great options for a light touring ski that can excel in a bunch of snow types. I’m wondering if you have experience on the 101 and can chime in on the main differences that it’s camber provides vs. the rockered out 109? I imagine the 109 packs the fun and the 101 may be less exciting but a better all-arounder…

  2. Hi, Ive been checking your reviews for a couple of years now. Its great, thanks!
    Are you going to review the Carbon Empire 115 ?


  3. Hi, I see you have used the Pinnacle 130 boots with the G3 ION 12 as part of this review. I have heard one report of the DIN soles not properly retracting the brake when using this combo. Are you able to confirm this? I own the Pinnacle 130, and am thinking about buying some ION 12 bindings, but would like to confirm compatibility in advance.


  4. I know this is an older review but…
    Do you feel the Synapse would work for a 1 ski for all touring in Colorado?
    I know the soft snow / powder capability will be great…but will the hard snow / crud capability be so lacking that it can’t really be used for spring conditions? I have never used a full rocker touring ski before and am wary of this…

  5. I’ve had a few days on these now – to respond to some comments, no, not a good 1 ski. Killer in soft snow but rocker is much, much too much on hardpack or variable snow. Whenever bases are flattish, you might as well be on snowblades.

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