Douchebag Ski Bag

Paul Forward reviews the Douchebag ski bag for Blister Gear Review.
Douchebag Ski Bag

Douchebag Ski Bag


  • Adjustable length
  • Compressible
  • Daisy Chain hookup system
  • Rib Cage ABS protection


  • Max ski length: 210cm
  • Width: 38cm
  • Height: 18.5cm

Stated Weight: 8.4 lbs

Blister’s Measured Weight: 8.00 lbs

MSRP: $241

Test Duration: 2 international trips from Alaska to Japan and New Zealand; local use moving skis around Alaska.


Over the years I’ve spent a lot time time schlepping skis around the world, and have often complained about various inadequacies in the bags I’ve used to carry my most important cargo on these trips.

That’s why the Douchebag Ski bag, touted as “the flagship of the travel gear revolution,” caught my attention. Well, that plus the name…

Basic Design

The Douchebag has zippers that run about 3/4 length along each side of the main compartment. The wheeled end of the bag has two small inner mesh pockets along the sides. The top of the bag is unpadded, while the bottom and sides of the bag are reinforced with plastic panels about 3cm wide that give the bag some protection and rigidity when there are skis in it, but still allow the bag to fold up easily (more on this in a minute).

Paul Forward reviews the Douchebag ski bag for Blister Gear Review.
Douchebag Ski Bag

At the end opposite the wheels, the bag is sewn shut. There is a small handle with straps and hooks that attach into the daisy chain strips that run full length along the top and bottom of the bag. These allow you to adjust the length or secure the bag into a small bundle.

Adjustable Length

One of the most unique features of the Douchebag is the ability to adjust the length of the bag to fit your contents. In a world of increasing baggage restrictions and reluctant cab and bus drivers, being able to shrink the bag down can make the difference between a huge hassle and an easy ride to the mountains. This also allows the Douchebag to double as a snowboard bag.

Compressible Roll Away Feature

As far as we’re aware, this feature is unique to the Douchebag, and is arguably reason enough to buy one (depending on your intended use and living situation). Whether I’m living out of a van, couchsurfing, or stashing my gear somewhere while I go for a ski tour, it’s often a bit challenging to store my gigantic ski bag—especially when it’s not in use.

Douchebag ski bag packed down.
Douchebag ski bag rolled up

Similarly, at my small house in Girdwood, Alaska, there is a premium on space. Being able to roll the bag into a tight bundle and tuck it away in the car or under a bed is very convenient. During one van trip, my buddy and I both had Douchebags and were able to free up a ton of space in our damp, cramped quarters by using this feature. Very cool.

NEXT: Padding / Protection, Capacity, Etc.

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  1. Why so squeamish about the product name? If it were named after a male personal care item would you still want the name to be more subtle?

  2. So I typically travel for no more than ten days with a single snowboard, helmet, boots, outerwear, and day clothes, within the US and to Europe and Japan. Am looking to trade out my Burton locker bag (heavy with hard casings on both ends) for something that’s “less bag” and less prone to overloading but still protective, mainly against appalling NYC airport baggage handlers. Also I’m a woman so my board is 152 and typically is smaller than most bags. Would you say the Db bag makes more sense than the Dakine Low Roller or Burton Wheelie Gig?

  3. Thank you for the interesting review and the great pictures! One question: How does the Douchebag Ski bag compare to Dakines Fall Line Double Skibag (190)? I am looking for a bag for air travel (2 pair of skis). So one of my main concerns is proper protection for the skis. The Db seems to offer only light protection, but your review sounded as if you were satisfied.

    • Hans – I have the Dakine fall line double and just received the Douchebag Slim Jim. (it’s the single ski version of the bag). It’s awesome. I think it will work great. But, there is definitely less padding than the Dakine. From a protection standpoint I think the Dakine bag wins. Hope that helps.

    • Hi Hans, I’ve only used the Dakine Double Concourse and have not traveled with the Fall Line. It does seem like the extra weight and thickness of the Dakine bags might provide a bit more protection but I’ve slammed my gear around quite a bit with the douchebag and it’s held up well without any damage to my gear.

  4. I bought the bag and used it for my ski trip to Jackson Hole. First impressions before the trip is there’s tons of room for your clothes. It’s light. The straps are not particularly secure. When I arrived at my destination, the bag looked like it took a beating by baggage handlers at the airport. Really disappointing. Several tears on the top and sides that I need to duct tape.

  5. I have had one one now for 4-5 years, and it’s the best built, most durable and easiest to haul ski bag I’ve ever had. Worth every penny. Only complaint was from my wife about the name but heh she doesn’t go ski trips with me anyways. I’d highly recommend the ski bag to anyone whose seen the airlines destroy previous ski bags. These last better than the rest.

  6. One feature that is not well thought out is the zipper length. Going only to 3/4 of the length means it is quite impractical to fit second pair of skis, especially if the bindings or poles stay in the way. It is then practically impossible to put skis in/out while the bag is standing. If the zipper was running the full lenght – it would be much more practical.

    • Hi Chukko, I have regularly had 2 and even 3 pairs of skis with bindings in my Douchebag without any difficulty. Removing or adding skis while the bag is upright is not something I’ve ever tried with any ski bag but if that’s a priority for you, I can see the limitation you mentioned. best, Paul

      • Paul – i assume you had the bag on the floor with good access from all sides when packing the skis in, right?
        If so, then for single “pack in-transport-pack out” it would be fine, but i use bags mostly for car storage/protection.
        It is easier put all the skis in the first time, but when i take one pair out, then i struggle quite a lot when i try to put it back in. It works again when i take everything out and back in (but this is not so nice in a trunk full of stuff).

        It is a bit frustrating as i have several basic ski bags and they all can be opened fully. I like all the other features of the DB – except for that inexplicably short zipper – which is killing it for me. And i dont see and drawback of having the full zipper – you would be able to pack even more stuff if it was fully opened.

  7. I bought a Douchebag ski bag and boot bag. After two uses the seams came apart. I don’t think this brand is good quality and they don’t have good customer service.

  8. A great idea, poorly executed. Bad customer service to boot.

    Pros: 1) Bag is very light, 2) the rollup feature definitely works (for both storage and keeping the bag rigid)

    Cons: 1) Bag is toast after just 3 trips (ribs poked through the sides); 2) shoulder strap doesn’t work (bag ends up banging your hip which, thanks to the sharp ribs, actually hurts) 3) Customer service – where to begin? Although they replied to me quickly, each email contained a different version of “this must have been your fault. What did you do wrong?” When I’d clearly established that I’d done nothing wrong and this was a defect issue, they just stopped replying.

    Summary: Another company needs to steal this idea and build the bag properly

    Note: I sold my Dakine Fall Line Double to buy this bag. The Dakine lasted me 9 years and was in perfect shape when I sold it – thus, I’m 100% certain that it wasn’t my fault that the Douchebag broke.

  9. CORRECTION — Patagonia IS producing the Black Hole Snow Roller double-ski and snowboard bag in two colors and two size lengths (190cm and 167cm). Highly recommended.

    These wheeled bags are pricey but well-made and convenient to travel with — particularly when paired with any Black Hole duffel, which hook onto the top. My wife and I find our Snow Rollers / Black Hole duffels invaluable when schlepping lots of ski gear solo through airports. (Note that most airlines count a ski bag plus a ski boot bag — such as the duffel — as one checked item.)

  10. My Douche Bag has failed after just six trips. The company has also stiff armed me blaming the failure on the airlines. Here is the issue: The nylon on the bottom of the bag is not sturdy enough, and the sewn in cross bars create natural points of high stress.
    Abrasion on the bottom of any luggage, especially a ski bag is a fact of life, especially for checked bags. I have Tumi bags with over a million miles of travel on them and Dakine ski bags with many years of travel and no issues. Its a design flaw, its fixable and its a clever bag otherwise.
    Too bad Douche Bag wishes to conduct themselves in this fashion, so buyers beware.

  11. A complement to the folks at Douche Bag. I have the ski bag and noted to them that the fabric on the bottom was not holding up after only six trips, and suggested they rethink the design a bit. The bottom of any ski bag is subject to a lot of abrasion over time. The Douche bag has plastic cross beams sewn in and while these add strength they also cause a stress point for the fabric.

    After a few rounds of photos and emails the company agreed to replace my bag. Happy for that and hope they keep tweaking what is a very good product.

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