5 thoughts on “2016-2017 Kastle BMX 105

    • Hi Mikhail,

      I personally wouldn’t mount +2 because of the softer flex in the shovels. But I can’t say that you’d dislike it there? Depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, how you ski, etc.

  1. Nice you guys got time on this ski in different conditions and can compare to the BMX 108.
    I’ve skied the 181BMx 105hp, own a BMX 115 and fx95hp and had a BMX 108.
    Maybe the non hp has a less stiff tip profile because your feedback on the imbalance doesn’t fit at all with my impression of the hp. It’s flex reminds me of the most refind Kastle, actually forget Kastle most refind ski I’ve skied the buttery MX98 so I’ll be curious to see if your impressions change with the hp test.
    Second Im baffled by the on piste/quickness comparison to the BMX 108. The new 105 is so much more responsive and easy to engage on firmer snow. On soft packed groomers I can barely tell the difference between it and my 95. To me it’s a stellar frontside ski for its width. Other reviewers have consistently said the same.
    I’ll be sure to demo a non hp 105 in 189 and report back.
    Always enjoy your reviews!

  2. I’ve been eyeing the 2017 HP version of these since last season but wasn’t able to demo them anywhere. Does anyone know how their tips compare to the tips on the Volkl 108s? The Volkls had too much chatter for me…

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