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  1. I just bought a pair of 177s, used them for 3 days in Keystone, CO. I’m 5’9″, 165 lbs. Mounted them +2cm as I normally ski more progressive, less directional, less stiff skis. They were perfect for the hard, icy conditions due to lack of fresh snow. I spent most of the time on groomers. We got 2-5″ the last day and they were still pretty fun and I could still pivot fairly easily in the trees. Moguls were a little difficult (but not impossible) due to the fact that the skis barely flexed and I had to sort of see-saw my way down on the larger bumps. You want to keep forward stance, center weighted stance would let skis wonder quit a bit and set you up for catching an edge (although I didn’t detune tips). Didn’t notice this as much in softer snow. Couldn’t find speed limit. Good purchase.

  2. Best ever frontside/variable snow/low tide chargers.

    So so smooth and damp, they just allow you to ski several notches above your actual level of skill.

    Interestingly, I’ve found them very easy to ski, even in tight couloirs going too fast, but then I feel the same way about my Dynastar Pro Riders.

    If you like speed, get a pair if you can find them.

    6’1 180, on 184s.

  3. Hi all, I would like to purchase a pair of Monster 98 2018. I am 6’0 and 75 kg weight, would you suggest the 177 or 184 size, given that the ski has barely no rocker? Thanks

  4. 4 month too late…

    If you had another 10kg on you I’d say 184. At your weight take the extra maneuverability of the 177 and then do what I do and ask yourself how anyone can justify that ski in a longer length (unless, of course, they are big).

    Skiing and complaining are the only two things in life that I excel at I have never, ever thought, “I wish I had the 184”. The 177 is a ton of ski.

  5. I love this ski. It’s a charger that has no speed limit, stable, damp, and precise. It can handle ~6″ of anything. It’s a front seat driver for sure. I did find the flat sweet spot on it and I can manipulate the ski at lower speeds. If your technical skills are good then you will like this ski. If you have a neutral centered stance you will hate this ski and in deeper snow when you weight yourself further back the ski will not bend enough to utilize it’s subtle rocker. Monster describes it well.

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