Major Trends in Climbing Shoes (Ep.3)

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Dave and Luke Alie headed to Outdoor Retailer’s first trade show in Denver to get the details on the biggest news and updates to rock shoes for 2018. We talk to Black Diamond product designer, Kasey Jarvis, about all the decisions and details that went into their brand new line of climbing shoes. Then we have an in-depth discussion about shoe technology and how it’s being put to use in SCARPA’s newest shoes with Mark Busby, the climbing manager for SCARPA North America.

Topics and Times:

Black Diamond

  • Why get into the climbing shoe game? (1:25)
  • What was the internal conversation like at BD about a guiding philosophy for the shoe line? (4:50)
  • What are each of these shoes about and what sort of design elements have they incorporated? (7:25)


  • What does SCARPA have coming out in the second half of 2018? (10:45)
  • Shaping and tensioning that distinguishes different families of shoes (15:12)
  • How should we choose between SCARPA’s most aggressive shoes? (17:05)
  • What’s the deal with the new Instinct VSR? Some notes on sticky rubber (20:44)

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2 comments on “Major Trends in Climbing Shoes (Ep.3)”

  1. I’m no climber (and not planing to be) but I really enjoy this podcast by the Alie brothers. There are just very well done and I can relate to the outdoors and the lifestyle (also as skier and biker).
    Keep it up.

    • Lukas,
      Thanks for the kind words and encouragement! It’s been a blast to talk to the folks on the show, and I love working on a project like this with my brother. I hope you have a great season in the mountains! Have fun out there, and stay safe.

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