11 comments on “2020-2021 Nordica Enforcer Free 115”

  1. I would love to hear a comparison to the Nordica Girish which you seemed to like but never really followed up with a full review on.
    It is an awesome ski.

    I am also personally interested in the Head Cyclic which may also compare.


  2. Hi,
    I am wondering to compare
    Salomon Q 115
    Line Supernatural 115
    Nordica Enforcer Pro

    How is the new Nordica compares to old Salomon or/and Line

    Thank you,


  3. “…but how at home the Enforcer Pro will feel in crud and chop remains to be seen”

    OK, as an unapologetic resort skier, THIS will probably be the key aspect of your upcoming review, for me.

    And a comparison of the tails to the late, unlamented by you guys, Patron.


  4. I got to ski these today. Crazy fun. I own the helldorados which these are the unofficial replacement for. They are slightly wider but feel lighter, less rocketed especially in the tail, and have much stiffer tails than the helldorado. Despite the longer length( my helldorados are 185) and less rocketed tail they didn’t seem significantly longer and were still relatively easy to ski. While I have yet to find the speed limit on my helldorados, the enforcer pro felt smoother with the tips and tails flapping less than the helldos. I didn’t find much more than 2 inches of Manmade snow today, but these things were a blast.

    • I would really love to know the answer to this question as well. Please, please provide some insight if possible.

  5. Been rocking these skis for a couple seasons now… love them to death. That being said I’ve been really enjoying the more forward mount point on my bibby tours. Have you guys played around with the mount point on the enforcer pros? My only real gripe with them is they feel very unbalanced in the air compared to my Bibby’s. I’m considering moving them up a couple cm’s as I tend to ski with a bit of a centred stance as well.

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