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  1. I’m thinking this might make a great tele ski. Looking for something pretty quick and nimble when I don’t want to charge on my alpine gear.

    Can anyone offer a comparison to the DPS wailer 99, the other ski I’ve been eyeballing for this purpose? Seems like they have a lot in common (at least in shape and ride characteristics, if not construction.)

    • I’m 5’10, 165#. Expert. Would probably go with the 183 for tele. Ski Summit County, so mix of open bowls and tight trees / bumpy chutes.

  2. Excellent review. I do confirm that the TST is difficult to enjoy in variable firmer snow or breakable crust. Especially in steeper terrain, driving the shovel doesn’t help me (or I suck at it); the tip just folds and gets pushed across the fall line when it touches patches of harder snow. This makes you ski pretty slow / conservative, while on other sticks i could open it up a bit more (and crash harder).

    Any pointers on a ski that would work a bit better for me in the variable/firmer steep stuff, but has equal soft-snow performance? Groomers i don’t care about, no slopes here around Lyngen. It’s my AT-ski so shouldn’t be heavier then 2kg. me: 83kg@192cm.

  3. Hey Gent,

    I am considering purchasing the TST, 5’11” 245LBS, pretty solid and strong skier. I am currently riding the Atomic Beta 5’s a very stiff GS ski that I absolutely love. I need a big mountain ski and can get a good deal on the TST’s through a buddy. After looking @ all the amazing reviews I did see a few that stated if you are a bigger guy (I am husky and solid) that they may be a little soft, can anyone clue me in on what you think here, I really want to buy the TST’s but don’t dont want to get a ski that is not going to stand up to the punishment I can give it.

    Thanks in advance for your comments.


  4. Whether soft is ‘too soft’ in your case I’m not sure, but it’s definitely not damp, and I guess that’s something you’re looking for too…

  5. Decisions decisions. 5’9″ 190 very strong tele skiier. Summit county resorts. Trees steeps moguls. Is it tst apostle or helix. All in that 180-185 range.
    Help me obi wan you are my only hope

    • Michael – I haven’t gotten to spend time on the Apostle or Helix, so I can’t speak to those. But as far as the TST is concerned, I think that it could be a good choice depending on your preferred skiing style. If you tend to ski trees, steeps, and moguls with a more controlled, precise style at moderate speeds, then the TST will probably work well for you. If you’re looking for a ski that will be stable blasting through chop and crud at higher speeds, then I think you’ll want to look for something stiffer and damper. Hope that helps.

  6. I am trying to decide on the Armada JJ or TST. I am 5’5″ at 150, ex racer but now skiing powder and trees. My question is whether there is any significant difference between the JJs and TSTs in the trees or deep powder? Demoed the JJs in Steamboat (165 cm) and loved them in deep snow and trees; tolerated them coming down the front side.The TSTs should be a little better on front side carving but it may not be worth buying them if they are not as good in trees/power. I understand these are primarily a powder ski, which is what I want. Anyone have an opinion based on actual experience? Any other similar options? THanks.

  7. Any comparison to the (old) Soul 7?
    Both have a short effective edge, both are soft snow focused yet both sound like they do alright outside that medium

  8. I skied these skis on rental in 2016 – absolutely loved them. Had great fun in pow and on mogul fields and suited my short, poppy turns.

    I’ve finally decided to buy myself a set of skis, only to find these are not available anymore. Would anyone happen to know a similar ski in today’s market? I’ve got friends telling me to get Faction Candide 2 for lots of fun, and reviews pointing towards Nordica Enforcer 100s or 93s. In my opinion, they both sound great but very different. Would either of them be similar to how the Armada TST 192 skied in 2016?

    • Got exactly the same question. Tried the CT 2.0 but I still think the TSTs were more poppy and more fun. Wish I could find these again!

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