5 comments on “3rd Look: 2017-2018 Blizzard Cochise”

  1. I’d be delighted if the re-released the original.
    I have the old & new iterations, and the new Ski is weak sauce compared to the original design!

    • Agreed Aaron. Cannot speak for the rest of the world but at least for Alta the original was the crud ski of choice with a great number of the locals owning several pairs over those first three seasons of the original Cochise. The new version has been tried by all and is currently worn by none. No kidding. 0. Only those demo’ing are seen are the hill. I am also hoping they bring back the original such as they are doing for the OG Bodacious.

      Bring back the OG Cochise!!

  2. I was a Blizzard fanboy for years, I use the Bonafides primarily with other widths in the quiver, I wore out my Bodacious they were fun. Brahma is a fine mid-skinny.
    Deciding to fill the 1 oh something niche I forgot about the Cochise, the flex, shape, splay and flipcore add up to the best all around ski in every width they make.

    Thanks for reminding me of the Cochise.

  3. I have skied to death the 2013 version, 2015 (with camber) and now few days on 2019 (camber and carbon). The 2013 version changed skiing for me, I still miss the 2013 in some sense but Cochise just gets better and better and the latest version is awesome! Mounted with shift bindings (love the bindings and bit lighter vs Duke). The ski tackles everything so well. Its not fun when slow, but at speed, steep and when on the edge it rocks! In deep pow they survive very well but use your pow ski! I can’t wait for the next upgrade from Blizzard but until then this one will keep me very happy.

    Important for me to have good forward lean on the boot (+15) to enjoy to the fullest. The carbon has improved the swing weight for the jump turns – wasn’t bad, now only better.

    If you are not in a very pow heavy place as well as like aggressive, speed and steep, and have the legs for it, then go get it!

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