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  1. For a charging fall-line skier that skis pretty much only resort conditions at a busier resort, this sounds like a great ski to pair with the Salomon X-Drive 8.8, as part of a two ski quiver. How’s the float compare to the 191 Katana (pretty familiar with that ski)? Not necessarily concerned with surfiness – I have otherskis for that.

      • Sweet! I love my 191 Katanas for alpine-oriented resorts like Mammoth. Was really sad to see them discontinued. At least there’re lots still floating around on the used market.

  2. Any thoughts on where the 2015 Mantra fits in with some of the skis mentioned in this review? I know it’s narrower by 5/16″ underfoot (underboot?) I ski on 13/14 Mantras and am eye-drooling the new ones for no good reason.

  3. Hi Jonathan,

    I really like the idea of showing skis in a continuum from stable / demanding to playfull / forgiving.
    Expanding on the idea I feel like there are generally two distinct continui in the ski Industry.
    Chargers on the one side, playfull forgiving skis on the other side.
    But it doesn´t seem like one continuum starting with the devastator ending with the Automatic / Soul 7.
    There seems to be a huge gap in the middle.
    Which is exactly where I would be looking for my perfect ski.
    Am I wrong? Are there skis exactly in the middle that I am not aware of?
    Your inital review of the SN 108 sounded to fall in this category. But then Line reduced the splay and thus moved the ski more in the charger direction.
    Your review sounds as if you prefered the prototype version aswell.
    Is it really impossible to pair a fairly stout ski with a good amount of splay in tip and tail and a reasonable amount of taper to generate the one ski to rule them all?
    I do think there are a lot of skiers like me for whom skis like the Invictus are to demanding while the Soul 7 just isn´t stable enough.
    (from your comments the Blister Pro seems to be exactly that ski but with 118 underfoot its just to much for an one ski quiver in europe)
    Any ideas?

    • Hey, Matt – to be clear, my worry was that I was going to find the production 108 to be LESS of a charger than the prototype, given the reduction in weight. And that the production would feel less stable and smooth on groomers. But the production is fantastic on groomers, very good in pow given its width and length, and very quick and playful.

      If anything, I think the production version is quicker / slightly less stable / more playful than the heavier prototypes.

      I also think it’s important to appreciate that skiers of different sizes and abilities who are skiing different terrain and tricking (or not tricking) are going to have different responses to what feels like “an exactly in the middle,” 50/50 ratio of playfulness & stability. Some skis it seems you should consider: the Moment PB&J, the Blizzard Peacemaker, the Whitedot Director.

  4. Hi Jonathan.
    Very useful way of comparing these skis.
    I would be curious to know where the howitzer and the zealot would fall?
    Thanks and keep up the great work

  5. Hi there,

    the 108ti 2014/2015 would be my new freetourer in conjunction with the vipe black 12 binding.
    My Skiing position is a mix from new school to a littel bit backseaded. Is Revomend Factory right, or better -1?
    Thanks Tom

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