Zoic Tradesman Flannel Riding Shirt

Noah Bodman reviews the Zoic Tradesman Flannel Riding Shirt, Blister Gear Review.
Zoic Tradesman Flannel

Zoic Tradesman Flannel Riding Shirt

Size Tested: Medium

Color: Blue


  • Brushed flannel fabric
  • Internal sleeve cuffs
  • 2 front chest pockets
  • Inner tech pocket
  • 9” wide rear pocket

Reviewer Info: 5’ 9”, 150 lbs

MSRP: $85

Duration of Test: 10 rides

Test Locations: Northwest Montana

If I took a high quality flannel shirt, handed it to a mountain biker, and said “tweak this shirt to make it good to ride in,” I think I’d end up with the Zoic Tradesman. At first glance, it’s just a nice flannel shirt, but a closer inspection reveals a couple of slick features that make it more bike-friendly than your average flannel.

First, the Zoic Tradesman has stretchy internal sleeve cuffs. The cuffs keep cold air from blasting up your sleeves on cooler rides and make it a bit easier to keep the sleeves rolled up as the ride (or the day) warms up.

Second, there’s a 9” wide horizontal zippered pocket across the lower back of the shirt, similar to a lot of traditional bike jerseys. That pocket can hold some trail tools or food if you are looking to ride without a pack.

Beyond those features, the Tradesman is a pretty straight forward, comfortable shirt with an average fit. I wear a Medium in pretty much everything, and the Medium Tradesman is neither snug nor overly baggy on me. On my 5’ 9” frame, the hem is long enough to keep my lower back covered, even while hunched over on the bike, and the sleeves are long enough that they don’t work their way up my arms while riding.

Noah Bodman reviews the Zoic Tradesman Flannel Riding Shirt, Blister Gear Review.
Noah Bodman riding in the Zoic Tradesman Flannel, Eureka, MT.

The Tradesman is made from 100% polyester fabric that’s heavy enough to provide some warmth on chilly rides, yet thin enough to let some air pass through; it never caused me to feel too clammy or damp. On a few cool fall rides, I wore the Tradesman while others in the group were wearing more technical, more expensive shells. We were all comfortable at the beginning of the ride, but others eventually overheated while I stayed relatively cool in the Tradesman, and didn’t need to shed any layers.

I might have been singing a different tune in inclement weather, though; the Tradesman is not what I’d call a “technical” jersey, and I wouldn’t commit to some epic backcountry adventure in it. Still, it’s a fantastic piece for mellow rides in cool, dry weather when you’re looking for some added warmth, or to wear while running laps in the bike park.

Bottom Line

If you’re into the casual look of the Tradesman, it’s a great shirt for cool weather rides. Zoic has improved the shirt’s functionality as a piece of riding apparel without making it look out of place at the bar.


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