2013-2014 Blister ‘Best Of’ Awards — Part 3

Best Of, Blister Gear Review.


Last week, we began naming some of the best skis we’ve been on in the past three years. If you haven’t read those pieces or our Intro to the Blister ‘Best Of’ Awards, you can do so here. Today, we have four more categories of skis for you:

Best Women’s All-Mountain Carvers that are also Capable in Firm, Off-piste Conditions


• Moment Bella

Two Ski Quiver, Blister Gear Review.This ski loves hardpack. Whether laying over an edge on a groomer or busting through frozen crud, the Bella dominates. And while it doesn’t have the feel of a traditional carving ski, the Bella is more playful and can be driven hard and fast through off-piste, variable snow.



• Salomon Stella

Two Ski Quiver, Blister Gear Review.

The Stella shines on groomers and bumpy hard pack. It is a super stable ski that can be trusted at high speeds over variable snow and while ripping GS turns down groomers.


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  1. Highly agree with the above selections but I would urge anyone looking towards a stiff competition park ski to consider the volkl wall. Coming in a plethora of different sizes, fully symmetrical, with plenty of stiffness and pop to boot it is definitely a contender with the above picks.

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