2013-2014 Blister ‘Best Of’ Awards — Part 3

Best Jib-Oriented Park Skis

• Moment Vice 

Best Of Awards, Blister Gear Review.Thanks to its “moustache camber” design, the Vice is very playful and buttery while retaining much of the stability of a cambered park ski. Its narrow waist and lightweight keeps the swing weight low, allowing for greater maneuverability on rails and jumps.



 Moment Frankenski

Best Of Awards, Blister Gear Review.

The latest update in the ongoing saga of odd edge designs for once proves to be more than a gimmick. The Frankenski’s edge is sunk into the sidewall, and it actually succeeds in mitigating edge damage over time while also allowing the skier to slide just about any surface imaginable.



 Scott Jib TW 

Best Of Awards, Blister Gear Review.

The Scott Jib TW is simply a great rail ski. Its really low swing weight makes quick switch ups and spins on and off of rails feel effortless in comparison to some of the other skis on this list.


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  1. Highly agree with the above selections but I would urge anyone looking towards a stiff competition park ski to consider the volkl wall. Coming in a plethora of different sizes, fully symmetrical, with plenty of stiffness and pop to boot it is definitely a contender with the above picks.

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