Blister’s Holiday Gift Guide – In the Garage

Friday we covered our stocking stuffers, and yesterday we took a look at some gifts that would go well under the tree.

We’ll wrap up our gift suggestions today with some bigger items that will look good in the garage.

Noah Bodman

Enve M60 HV wheels ($2718)

These wheels might ultimately be the most expensive review I’ve ever done. Why? Because they cost a fortune, but after riding them I’ve realized that I really, really want them on all of my bikes. Yes, they make a very noticeable difference, and yes, they really are better. Be warned: once you spend some time on these, it will ruin lesser wheelsets forever.

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review in the garage
Enve M60 HV wheels

Tasha Heilweil

Osprey Raven 10 $120

The Raven combines great features with a women’s specific fit to make an amazingly functional hydration pack.

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review in the garage
Osprey Raven 10

Tom Collier

E13 TRSr wheels ($1250)

Good wheels can make a huge difference. Quick engaging hubs make a bike feel snappier and just generally nicer. They really help on technical trails. If you haven’t tried fast hubs you owe them a shot. The E13 wheels are a great option.

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review in the garage
E13 TRSr wheels

Xan Marshland

Magura MT5 NEXT Brakes ($199 )

Although Magura has never been as celebrated as SRAM or Shimano, the new NEXT series turns over a new leaf for the brand, offering performance that competes with the big names (LINK). I’ve been running these for over a year now and have been loving their blend of power, modulation, and reliability.

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review in the garage
Magura MT5 NEXT Brakes

Anneka Door

Mammut Revelation 9.2 rope ($172)

I’ve owned at least three of these ropes over the years and they’ve always been my go-to choice for anything from long alpine routes to sport climbing in Greece. Mammut ropes handle well and are extremely durable for their size and weight. I prefer the 70m bi-pattern version.

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review in the garage
Mammut Revelation 9.2 rope

Julia Van Raalte

Moment Sierra ($699)

While I have high hopes for El Niño this winter, I also can’t leave the Sierra off my wishlist. The Sierra has been one of my favorite all-mountain skis the last two seasons, and provides one of best combinations of hard and soft snow performance I’ve experienced. It’s an incredibly fun ski on groomers that also floats quite well for a 99mm underfoot ski. I plan to ski them most days this winter when it hasn’t dumped.

Julia Van Raalte reviews the Moment Sierra, Blister Gear Review
15/16 Moment Sierra

Cy Whitling

Douchebag Ski Bag ($241)

The Douchebag packs down / rolls up small enough that this ski bag could actually have appeared in our “Under the Tree” section.

Douchebag ski bag packed down.
Db ski bag (right), rolled up.

When I’m trying to cram a trip’s worth of gear into my ski bag and still come in under airline weight limits, I want the lightest possible bag that will still protect my beloved skis. The Db delivers all of this in a sleek package with solid daisy chains, and a packable design.

Paul Forward reviews the Douchebag ski bag for Blister Gear Review.
Douchebag Ski Bag

Jonathan Ellsworth

Osprey Shuttle 32

I’ve used the Osprey Shuttle 32 for nearly five years and dragged it through too many airports, bus stations, and train terminals to count. I’ve also thrown it into the back of far too many trucks to count, and the Shuttle 32 has proven to be very durable, light weight, and basically perfect. It’s the bag I always use on our 3-4 week southern hemisphere ski review trips, and we don’t exactly pack light on those trips.

Osprey isn’t offering the Shuttle 32 anymore, so you now have to choose between the slightly smaller Shuttle 30 or the much larger Shuttle 36. But the good news is that it also means that the Shuttle 32 can currently be found at a nice discount.

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review under the tree
Osprey Shuttle 32


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