Blister’s Holiday Gift Guide – Under the Tree

If you’re anything like us, there’s probably a good chance that you’re still looking for gifts for some of the active people in your life.

We recently presented our stocking stuffer picks, and now we’ll suggest some items that would fit perfectly under the tree.

Noah Bodman

Raceface SixC Components ($139-$399)

I get the opportunity to swap around a lot of components, but at the end of the day, Raceface’s SixC parts almost always find their way back onto the bike. Great engineering produces parts that are light, strong, and hold up well to abuse.

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review under the tree
Raceface SixC Crank

Tasha Heilweil

7mesh Synergy Jersey $200

Sure, winter is pretty much in full swing. However, that doesn’t have to mean biking season is over yet. The Synergy combines Windstopper softshell and knit materials to protect you from the elements while maintaining breathability.

Tasha Heilweil reviews the 7mesh Synergy jersey for Blister Gear Review.
7mesh Synergy Jersey

Cy Whitling

Tom Collier

Easton Haven Bars and Stem ($169 / $99)

For anyone riding a long travel bike, stiffer bars can increase trail sensitivity. The bigger diameter bars offer a noticeable difference and I really like the angles on Easton bars.

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review under the tree
Easton Haven Bar

Xan Marshland

Ibex Men’s Shak Hoodoo Hoody ($175)

I can’t think of any other piece of apparel I’ve loved wearing in more situations than the Shak Hoodoo Hoody. It’s perfect for chilly mornings at the campground or trailhead, makes a solid skiing midlayer, and keeps me cozy when I’m in class or biking around town. All of Ibex’s products come with a lifetime warranty, so your loved one will enjoy your gift for years to come.

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review under the tree
Ibex Men’s Shak Hoodoo Hoody

Dave Allie

Toad and Co: Earl LS Shirt ($86)

This woven cotton shirt is just about the perfect winter item for life in between backcountry excursions. Softer and thicker than your average button-up, the Earl occupies the space between a collared shirt and a hoody. The fit is relatively slim, but the sleeves are long enough to be comfortable for those taller than 6 feet. After a couple washes it might shrink slightly, but not enough that you should size up. Appropriate at both work and the brewery, the Earl is ideal for everything non-technical in colder months.

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review under the tree
Toad and Co: Earl LS shirt

Anneka Door

Black Diamond Coefficient Hoody ($159)

Black Diamond nailed the fit of this versatile layer for both men and women. Warm, breathable grid-fleece makes it great for climbing, skiing, and any other aerobic activity. I love them so much that I bought two.

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review under the tree
Black Diamond Coefficient Hoody

Julia Van Raalte

Scarpa Gea RS Alpine Touring Boot ($729)

After years of skiing on one pair of boots in the resort and backcountry, I finally decided to invest in a pair of dedicated touring boots. I’d been eyeing the Scarpa Gea RS boots for a few seasons, and after trying them on was sold. I wanted a light touring boot that could still provide a decent amount of stiffness. At 3lbs 1 oz per boot, they feel light on my feet while still providing a sturdy, even flex. With a fairly narrow foot, the boots fit snugly and surprisingly comfortably out of the box. I am beyond excited to get out on them this winter!

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review under the tree
Scarpa Gea RS Alpine Touring Boot

Jed Doane

Burton [aK] 31L Pack ($175)

I decided to try the Burton 31L pack after one too many days of trying to stuff my 26L Dakine Pro II for a full day in the backcountry. It just didn’t have enough storage, and the well-designed [aK] pack has delivered. The goggle pocket is actually big enough for a pair of goggles, and the avalanche safety pocket is large and easily accessible. The larger back pocket can be accessed from the top via a drawstring or from a zipper on the side, and the horizontal and vertical board carry options are solid. If you’re looking for a backcountry pack that can handle long day trips and the high gear volume that comes along with them, definitely check out the [aK] 31L pack.

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review under the tree

Burton [aK] 31L pack
 Jonathan Ellsworth

Arcade Belts – (range from $22 – $29)

We’ve been big fans of Arcade belts for several years, and this year’s Arcade belts are better than they’ve ever been. There is a little less stretch to the belts now which helps them stay put better, and the new buckles are much improved, too. So yes, are favorite belts are better now. And now, you’ve got more options than ever before, too.

Arcade’s Adventure Belts are their updated original. And they are now making “Crossover Belts,” and “Smartweave Belts,” that still provide some of the comfortable stretch that Arcade is known for, but in a slightly more dressed-up / traditional style.

Seriously, if you ever wear a belt, do yourself a favor and check these out.

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review under the tree
Arcade Adventure Belt (“The Tangent”)


Tanner Goods Wilderness Rucksack ($425)

Tanner Goods is a company based in Portland, Oregon, and they make some really high-quality stuff that is designed to last. I’ve been using their Wildnerness Rucksack for over a year, and it’s become my go-to bag.

The “Waxed Field Tan” bag is a combination of “waxed 18 oz. filter twill canvas, premium wool felt, and vegetable-tanned Cambara English bridle leather,” and “features a large central cavity with a felted wool laptop sleeve and assorted felt and leather pockets, as well as one large gusseted external pocket and wide, felt-padded shoulder straps. Everything is secured shut by sturdy brass rivets and solid brass button studs. Rucksack dimensions: 18″ x 14″ x 6″, Volume: 20L or 1224 cubic inches.”

The Wilderness Rucksack is a really nice bag that will probably outlast you.

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review under the tree
Tanner Goods Wilderness Rucksack


Sorrel Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper ($69.95)

If you’re really unsure what to get your dad, brother, or boyfriend, just get him these and he will be psyched. My love of flip flops is pretty well documented, and if it’s too cold to wear flips, then you will often find me in these. They also have a tough enough sole that (assuming the ground is pretty dry) you don’t need to bother switching your footwear to go run some errands.

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review under the tree
Sorrel Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper


Fjällräven Greenland No. 1 Down Jacket ($499.95)

I recommended the Greenland No.1 Down Jacket in our Gift Guide last year, and it would feel wrong not to recommend it again. I’ve probably put another ~100 days in it since last year, and it seems like I’ll be able to put another couple thousand days in it. At 5’10, 175-180 lbs., the size Large is pretty perfect—it allows me to wear a thick sweater under it on really cold days, but I’m not swimming in the jacket if I’m only wearing a long-sleeve t-shirt. It’s a great-looking jacket that will last you for years.

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review under the tree

Fjällräven Greenland No. 1 Down Jacket


Stio Men’s Buckhorn Bonded Flannel Shirt ($165)

Shirt-Jackets are kind of all the rage, and this despite the fact that “Shacket” is probably the most annoying word in the English language. So kudos to Stio for just calling the Buckhorn a “Flannel Shirt.” Nevertheless, this is either a thicker, warm shirt or a fairly thin jacket that works down into the low 40’s (F) if I’m walking / on the move. At 5’10”, 175-180 lbs., a size Medium only allows me to wear a fairly thin layer underneath—the Buckhorn is not an overly relaxed / roomy fit. So if I were to wear a heavier hoody or sweater beneath it (and use it more as a jacket), I would definitely need to go with a size Large. However you decide to use it, this is a good-looking, comfortable piece that I find myself grabbing a lot.

Blister Holiday gift Guide, Blister Gear review under the tree
Stio Men’s Buckhorn Bonded Flannel Shirt


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