Devinci Wilson Carbon

In a not-particularly-surprising but certainly-welcome announcement, Devinci is rolling out a carbon version of the Wilson, their DH sled. The Wilson has had some carbon in the rear end for quite a while now, so it was only a matter of time before we got a carbon front triangle.

Noah Bodman overviews the Devinci Wilson Carbon for Blister Gear Review
Devinci Wilson Carbon

And like many of Devinci’s other bikes, the carbon front triangle comes with significant weight savings—around 450 g (about 1 lb). The Wilson will still be offered in three aluminum versions, with the equivalently-outfitted carbon versions available for an $860 upcharge. And, of course, the Wilson is offered as a frame only in both aluminum and carbon.

The geometry on both the aluminum and carbon versions of the Wilson remains unchanged from last year’s model (which was revised from the 2014 version). That geometry is fairly middle of the road by modern DH bike standards, although the front end is on the shorter end of the spectrum.

The Wilson has a long history of being a solid contender on the DH circuit, and it seems reasonable to expect that the new carbon version will continue that trend, just with a bit less weight.

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