Geoff McFetridge on The Abstract Wild by Jack Turner (Ep. 129)


  • Why did you select this book? (2:50)
  • McFetridge on Art (11:44)
  • Geoff’s stand out parts of the book (23:17)
  • Turner’s influences and style (31:20)
  • Ideas and intentions of the book (36:48)
  • “The Wild” vs “Wilderness” (47:20)
  • Implications of this book for all of us (53:28)

In the latest installment of our Blister Book Club, we talk with the artist, Geoff McFetridge, about Jack Turner’s book, The Abstract Wild. We discuss why Geoff selected this book; why it isn’t designed to be a comfortable read; why we need to get clear on the distinction between “the wild” and “wilderness”; and why we think that every reader of BLISTER ought to read this book.

Blister Book Club; Geoff McFetridge & Jonathan Ellsworth discuss Jack Turner's The Abstract Wild on the Blister Podcast

3 comments on “Geoff McFetridge on The Abstract Wild by Jack Turner (Ep. 129)”

  1. Jonathan and Geoff ~ Thanks so much for discussing this book. Years ago, I used to teach this book to undergraduates in backcountry field courses. I had forgotten how impactful, beautiful and emotionally/intellectually challenging Abstract Wild can be. Thanks for reminding me. I have to go back and read this book again. Your discussion of this book was really interesting and fun.

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