Kuhl Savina Sweater

Kuhl Savina Sweater

Color: Natural

Size: Medium

MSRP: $130

The Kuhl Savina Sweater Jacket is a versatile fleece jacket with a stylish cut.

The Savina is made of Kuhl’s fleece blend called Alfpaca, which is 78% Acrylic and 22% Polyester. While it functions like most other technical fleeces of a similar weight in terms of breathability and warmth, at first glance, it doesn’t look like it is made of fleece. It has a sophisticated, tailored look with details like fun, chunky buttons and a fitted waist.

Kate Hourihan reviews the Kuhl Savina Sweater, Blister Gear Review
Kate Hourihan in the Kuhl Savina Sweater.

Even though I’ve often worn the Savina Sweater casually over my yoga pants or jeans, it also pairs equally well with nicer dresses and skirts.

The Savina’s longer length falls just above the knee, and keeps my core warmer. The high collar is lined with micro fleece and feels cozy and soft against my skin, locking warm air in when buttoned all the way up.

The Savina isn’t super thick, though, so I’ve found that the lightweight and well-constructed fleece is still quite breathable.

On colder days, I sometimes wish the sweater had a hood, but the lack of a hood gives it a more sophisticated look. For more formal occasions, the Savina has become my go-to jacket so long as it’s not too cold.

I’m 5’6″ and typically wear a Medium for sweaters, but the Medium Savina was a bit bigger than I anticipated. Though a little looser, I like that I have room for layering. The jacket fits well over a couple of thinner layers or a light sweater, which is perfect for late fall or early spring days when it’s cold, but not freezing.

The Savina also works well under a long, lightweight, fitted raincoat for cool, rainy days in Seattle. It’s also comfortable enough that I find myself wearing it on lazy winter days around the house.

The Kuhl Savina Sweater Jacket can be used in a fairly wide range of temperatures, on casual days or for more formal events. While it’s not a technical cut, its technical, high-quality fleece makes it a lightweight, warm, breathable, and stylish jacket.

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