New Skis for 2016-2017

Yesterday we took a look at some of the new AT Boots coming to market next season. Today, we check out some of the new skis for 16/17.

Rossignol Soul 7 HD

The original Soul 7 has been an incredibly popular ski, so Rossignol left a good thing alone for several seasons. Next season, however, the Soul 7 gets an update, and it’s called the Soul 7 HD.

Cy Whitling ski preview Outdoor Retailer 2016 Blister Gear Review
2016-17 Rossignol Sky, Soul, and Super 7 HD

According to Rossignol, the layup has been tweaked with a composite mix that allowed them to keep the intuitive and easy-to-ski feel of the original Soul 7, while making the ski laterally stiffer to provide a quicker and more precise ride.

The 106mm-wide Soul 7 HD will be joined by the 116mm-wide Super 7 HD, and the 98mm-wide Sky 7 HD. We’re interested to see just how much these construction tweaks affect the collection.

Volkl Confession

New for next season, Volkl is introducing the Confession, a fairly stiff, fairly heavy ski.

Cy Whitling ski preview Outdoor Retailer 2016 Blister Gear Review
2016-17 Volkl Confession

The Confession measures 144-117-133 in a 186 cm length, and has tip rocker and a little tail rocker. That’s all we’ll say for now other than: we’re intrigued.

K2 Marksman

According to K2 the Marksman is the product of increased input from their team riders, specifically Pep Fujas. To put it mildly, Pep is known for his creative and unique style, so it’s no surprise that his brainchild is very different from anything else on the market.

Cy Whitling ski preview Outdoor Retailer 2016 Blister Gear Review
2016-17 K2 Marksman

K2’s Shreditor 102 and 112 have been a staple of the all-mountain freestyle market for the last few years, but next season they are replaced by a single model, the Marksman.

The Marksman measures 132-106-126 in the longest, 186 cm length, and to a quick hand flex, feels a touch stiffer than the previous Shreditor 112, and is reminiscent of this year’s Line Sir Francis Bacon.

The real story here, however, is the asymmetrical sidecut. This isn’t a new concept in the snowboard world, where asymmetrical boards are used to optimise the sidecut for toe and heel-side turns.

Cy Whitling ski preview Outdoor Retailer 2016 Blister Gear Review
K2 Marksman asymmetrical tips

According to K2, the Marksman’s asymmetrical sidecut allows the ski to combine agility and easy “butterability” in a ski that’s also stable and predictable in any conditions. The inside edge of the ski channels the long sidecut of the Petitor 120, while the outside, tapered edge is reminiscent of the Pinnacle series. We shall see…

The 120mm-underfoot Petitor remains in K2’s lineup, but the Shreditor 102 and 112 are replaced by the 106mm Marksman and the 96mm Poacher (which features a traditional, symmetrical sidecut).

Blizzard’s Women’s Line

Blizzard has updated their popular women’s ski line for 16/17 with a totally new construction called, “Carbon Flipcore W.S.D.” (Women’s Specific Design.)

Cy Whitling ski preview Outdoor Retailer 2016 Blister Gear Review
2016-17 Blizzard Women’s line

The Carbon Flipcore W.S.D. borrows elements from the carbon frame found in the Zero G series of skis, and adapts it for on-piste use.

Blizzard says this allows them to shave 15-20% off the weight of the skis, without sacrificing any stiffness or performance. The Sheeva, Samba, Black Pearl, and Cheyenne all get the Carbon Flipcore W.S.D. for 2016, and we’re excited to see how they compare to last year’s line.


Of course that’s just a taste of what’s coming down the line, and you’ll be hearing about a whole lot more very soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. The Volkl Confession is not as stiff as the Katana V-Werks and not as heavy as the original Katana.

    BTW – it skis very well in the crud, pow, and on the groomed.

  2. Yo Cy –

    I think that the Newschoolers team should challenge the Blister team to a review-off at SIA. We should set parameters around what number of skis, word count, etc. and then see who can come up with the best review article first.

    You guys really beat us to the punch last year I think. This is our best one and didn’t come out until March.

    Miss you bud, and shoutout to Blister you guys crush it. We should work together more. :)

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