Nordica Firearrow F1

Nordica Fire Arrow F1, Blister Gear ReviewTwo days ago we began our testing of the re-designed Dalbello Krypton Two KR Pro, a 3-piece boot that’s earned some real credibility over the past five seasons. And just last year, Nordica came out with a very similar boot, the Firearrow F1.

Also a 3-piece design, the Firearrow has replaceable heel and toe pieces, a wider 100mm last (though shims can be added to reduce the width to 98mm), and a more upright cuff angle (like the KR2). In order to optimize lateral energy transfer, the Firearrow’s boot board is drilled into the lower shell, which is extended farther up into the cuff. All and all, the Nordica may be bringing the same performance of the narrower Krypton to a wider range of skiers with the Firearrow.

We didn’t get the chance to review the Firearrrow last season, but our interest has obviously remained very high. So we’re excited to be checking it out now, and especially along side the Dalbello KR2.

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  1. I skied the Firearrow F1 last season (2011-12) and liked the high performance along with the ease of entry and exit. As a ski coach used to working with narrow and stiff race boots, this was a pleasure to coach in without much loss of performance. At 100 mm forefoot width, the boot was warm and comfy even standing around watching and coaching racers. This year sees some improvements from Nordica like a better heel pocket (more like what Nordica is noted for) and some reduction in volume over the top of the foot for more performance. All in all a good boot with quickness fore/aft and good rebound. The improvements will make it a better off the shelf boot for high performance skiers.

    • Hey Coach Krinke,

      So far our findings are mostly consistent with what you’ve said, particularly that the Firearrow fits very well right out of the box. We still need more time in the boot to make sure it’s been properly broken in and to do some direct comparisons to a four buckle boot. Thanks for your thoughts, and stay tuned for the full review!


  2. I picked up the Nordica Firearrow F1’s at the end of last year after several years on Full Tilt Konflicts. The 3-piece boot just makes sense to me, and the feel is great. However, the Konflicts never really fit my creepy feet (narrow heel, wide-ish forefoot). I modified them heavily to get by.

    I found the Firearrow F1’s fit my foot a lot better with infinitely better heel hold. My feet are disaster areas, so bear that in mind. The flex is fantastic and really similar to the Konflicts. The only downside is they are pretty rough on your shins. I have decades of soccer abuse behind me, so my shins are already bony weapons. The ’12/’13 version has supposedly fixed this issue with a slightly softer flex and additional shin padding, so hopefully Will got the new ones.

    I highly recommend these boots, but bear in mind that you should always buy a boot that fits YOU, not some drunk guy on the Ice Coast.

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