Stio Ralston Canvas Jacket

Sam Shaheen reviews the Stio Ralston Canvas Jacket for Blister
Stio Ralston Canvas Jacket

Stio Ralston Canvas Jacket

Fabric: Stretch Basket Weave, 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex, 285 g/m2

Stated Features:

  • Reinforced yoke
  • Patch on chest pockets with bartacks
  • Hidden YKK® zippered security pocket
  • Adjustable cuff allows for easy rolling


  • 2 handwarmer (open)
  • 3 chest (2 drop-in, 1 zippered)

Size tested: Small

Days worn: ~10

MSRP: $159


We’re not always pushing our boundaries in the mountains and demanding every ounce of performance out of our gear. Often, we’re not even in the mountains, but the city — planning or thinking about our next adventure.

The Ralston jacket from Stio is made for those times. “Whether you’re pounding nails or hammering out another day at the office” — that’s how Stio describes the Ralston Canvas jacket.

Let’s Talk Chore Coats

The Ralston is a version of a workwear staple — the chore coat. The recent resurgence of workwear has been far stretching. Where it used to be that heritage companies like Carhartt and Filson were the only places to get these types of practical, hardwearing pieces, today you can find your workwear everywhere from Costco to hipster startups on Kickstarter.

The Ralston is a practical modernization of the chore coat. The fabric has a smooth hand and is durable without the heavy, stiff feeling of a traditional duck canvas. The Ralston’s fabric also has a surprising amount of stretch which makes it extremely comfortable.

Though I wouldn’t expect the Ralston to hold up to repeated abuse on the job site, it has proven more durable than the soft hand feel would suggest.


The Ralston fits quite large. I wear a Medium in pretty much everything I own. Stio calls the Ralston’s fit “roomier than Trim but designed with athletic performance and comfort in mind” — which sounds like a slightly more casual fit than I would expect of their more technical pieces.

However, I ended up reviewing a size Small, and I’m very glad I did. The Small fits my 5’10”, 140 lbs frame well, if not bordering on being a hair too big. The sleeves hit my first knuckle and the body is cut long, nearly covering my butt.

Sam Shaheen reviews the Stio Ralston Canvas Jacket for Blister
Sam Shaheen in the Stio Ralston Canvas Jacket posing for his next Tinder pic.

There isn’t a lot of extra room in the chest, which I appreciate. I have enough room to layer a t-shirt and a button-down under the Ralston without it getting snug when I button it up. But it’s not so roomy that it feels boxy or baggy when worn over just a t-shirt.

I would definitely consider sizing down from your regular casual jacket size in the Ralston.


The Ralston is pretty traditional. There are two patch hand pockets and two patch chest pockets — one of which has a hidden side zippered pocket for your phone, wallet, etc.

The Ralston is pretty heavily branded, but quite tastefully and subtly. The snaps are stamped with the Stio pinecone logo, there is a woven label sewn into the seam of one of the chest pockets, and the pinecone logo is embroidered below the collar on the back of the jacket.

The collar can be worn up or down and has enough substance in the fabric to stay put. The cuffs are easy to roll up and don’t get too tight on my forearms when I do, which can be a problem with jackets that have heavier, stiffer fabrics.


The Ralston is the perfect weight for spring and fall days when the temps aren’t going to get much below 50 degrees. The fabric isn’t that thick and the jacket is unlined — it doesn’t block much wind.

In terms of weather resistance, it’s a cotton jacket, so it unsurprisingly doesn’t fend off much precipitation at all. This jacket is best for days where you’re headed to town and there isn’t much precipitation in the forecast.

Bottom Line

The Ralston Canvas Jacket from Stio is a very well executed modern take on a chore coat for those brisk spring and fall days. It’s comfy with a great stretch canvas fabric and has a classic silhouette. Just make sure you get the size that works for you.

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