2018-2019 K2 Fulluvit 95Ti

Kara Williard reviews the K2 Fulluvit 95Ti for Blister
K2 Fulluvit 95Ti

Ski: 2018-2019 K2 Fulluvit 95Ti, 170 cm

Available Lengths: 156, 163, 170, 177 cm

Blister’s Measured Tip-to-Tail Length: 171.7 cm

Stated Weight per Ski: 1675 grams

Blister’s Measured Weight per Ski: 1626 & 1631 grams

Stated Dimensions: 132-95-115 mm

Blister’s Measured Dimensions: 133.6-94.5-117.5

Stated Sidecut Radius: 14 meters

Measured Tip & Tail Splay (ski decambered): 64 mm / 27 mm

Measured Traditional Camber Underfoot: ~1 mm

Core: Aspen/Paulownia/NanoLite + Titanal (1 full layer, 1 partial layer over the edges) + Triaxial Fiberglass Laminate

Base: Sintered

Factory Recommended Mount Point: -11.35 cm from center; 74.2 cm from tail

Blister’s Recommended Mount Point: On the line

Boots / Bindings: Lange XT 110W / Tyrolia AAAttack2 13 Demo

Test Locations: Taos Ski Valley, NM

Reviewer: 5’9”, 145 lbs

Days Skied: 5


Part of K2’s women’s Freeride Collection, the Fulluvit 95Ti is K2’s one-ski quiver designed for everything from hardpack to powder. It has a unique shape and rocker profile, and when combined with its lightweight titanal layup, the Fulluvit 95Ti’s design stands out from many of the other offerings in this category.

I was excited by the potential of a ski that combined the quickness and forgiveness of a lighter ski while still hopefully maintaining (some? all? most of?) the smooth and damp feel of heavier, metal-laminate skis.

I’ve spent some time on the old 15/16 Fulluvit 98, and remember it feeling very accessible, predictable, and offering a large sweet spot.

So how does the new Fulluvit 95Ti compare to the previous version, and how does it stack up against other ~95mm women’s all-mountain skis on the market?

To find out, I spent several days on the Fulluvit 95Ti on everything from choppy and variable steeps, to firm and icy groomers, some fresh snow, and lots of moguls everywhere in between.

What K2 says about the Fulluvit 95Ti:

“The K2 Ski Alliance is full of surprises, and the Fulluvit 95 is chock-full of all the new tech and all-terrain power found in our revamped women’s Freeride Collection, including a streamlined shape and narrower waist for crushing all conditions at top speeds. Lightweight and nimble for a freeride ski with this much versatility, the Fulluvit has a reinforced perimeter, improving control and building confidence from first tracks to hot laps and apres-ski cold ones.”

Lots of “Swagger Award” potential here. The Fulluvit 95Ti reportedly crushes “all conditions at top speeds” while still being “lightweight and nimble for a freeride ski” (i.e., two things that don’t very often occur in the same ski). So my main question with the Fulluvit 95Ti was how versatile it would actually feel on snow.

Shape / Rocker Profile

Like the K2 Gottaluvit 105Ti, the Fulluvit 95Ti has a lot of tip and tail taper, and really deep tip and tail rocker lines for a ski of this width. The result? This ski is really fun in soft snow (more on that later).


Despite its titanal construction, the Fulluvit 95Ti falls on the lighter end of the spectrum compared to many other all-mountain skis in this class.

For reference, below are a few of our measured weights (per ski in grams) for some notable skis. As always, keep in mind the length differences to keep things more apples-to-apples:

1535 & 1555 DPS Alchemist Uschi 94, 171 cm (17/18, 18/19)
1556 & 1575 Liberty Genesis 96, 165 cm (18/19)
1557 & 1607 Fischer My Ranger 98, 172 cm (17/18, 18/19)
1626 & 1631 K2 Fulluvit 95Ti, 170 cm (17/18, 18/19)
1626 & 1645 Line Pandora 104, 165 cm (18/19)
1635 & 1646 Blizzard Black Pearl 98, 166 cm (17/18, 18/19)
1651 & 1669 Moment Sierra, 172 cm (17/18, 18/19)
1702 & 1721 K2 Gottaluvit 105Ti, 170 cm (18/19)
1709 & 1710 Blizzard Sheeva 10, 172 cm (17/18, 18/19)
1812 & 1813 Head Great Joy, 168 cm (17/18, 18/19)
1936 & 1956 Volkl Aura, 170 cm (17/18)
1983 & 1999 Nordica Santa Ana 100, 177 cm (17/18, 18/19)


The K2 Fulluvit 95Ti engages carved turns very easily, and once laid over, I was able to confidently get it up on high edge angles.

I found that the Fulluvit 95 Ti prefered shorter and quicker turns, rather than big, fast arcs. When making longer turns at higher speeds, I could feel the ski skid and chatter a bit. But overall, I was impressed by the edgehold and stability of the Fulluvit 95Ti, given its low weight and generous rocker profile.

Kara Williard reviews the K2 Fulluvit 95Ti for Blister
Kara Williard on the K2 Fulluvit 95Ti, Taos Ski Valley, NM.

Compared to the 177 cm Nordica Santa Ana 100, the 170 cm Fulluvit 95 Ti didn’t feel as stable or as strong on edge. This isn’t all that surprising since I skied the Santa Ana 93 in a longer length, and that ski is both heavier and has shallower rocker lines compared to the Fulluvit 95Ti.

If you’re looking for a ski that feels super stable while carving big turns on groomers, there are better options in this class (e.g., the Santa Ana 100). But for making quick turns on fairly smooth snow, the Fulluvit 95Ti did just fine.


I skied the Fulluvit 95Ti in a wide variety of moguls. From firm and harsher snow in the spring mornings to some really nice, soft bumps with a couple inches of new snow, the Fulluvit 95Ti was enjoyable throughout. It’s super quick and turns pretty effortlessly, with a noticeably low swing weight.

While it’s forgiving and very easy to turn, the Fulluvit 95Ti still didn’t feel very soft or flimsy. Compared to the old Fulluvit 98, the Fulluvit 95Ti feels a bit stiffer and stronger, making it more confidence-inspiring in bumps and on firm snow.

Kara Williard reviews the K2 Fulluvit 95Ti for Blister
Kara Williard on the K2 Fulluvit 95Ti, Taos Ski Valley, NM.

When taking fast lines through firm bumps, the Fulluvit 95Ti felt pretty stable in all but the firmest / roughest snow. At the same time, the Fulluvit 95Ti offered a forgiving and easy-going feel when I got tired. I think the Fulluvit 95Ti is a great choice for someone who is looking to build their skills in moguls because the ski can handle steeper and tighter lines without feeling very demanding.

Compared to the 177 cm Nordica Santa Ana 100, the 170 cm Fulluvit 95Ti felt lighter, quicker and more maneuverable in bumps. However, the Fulluvit 95Ti did not feel as stable at higher speeds and certainly felt limiting when I wanted to take a more aggressive, faster line through firm bumps. The 172 cm Blizzard Sheeva 10 felt like it fell somewhere between the Fulluvit 95Ti and Santa Ana 100. The Sheeva 10 has a nice, light and playful feel while maintaining a bit of the stability and stiffness of the Santa Ana 100 that I felt the Fulluvit 95Ti was slightly lacking at higher speeds and / or on really firm snow.

Firm Chop / Crud

I spent a good deal of time skiing on the Fulluvit 95Ti in some refrozen / variable crud and chop this past season. In this snow, the Fulluvit 95Ti was not quite as damp as other skis in the category (e.g., the Nordica Santa Ana 100 and Blizzard Sheeva 10).

Kara Williard reviews the K2 Fulluvit 95Ti for Blister
Kara Williard on the K2 Fulluvit 95Ti, Taos Ski Valley, NM.

That said, since the Fulluvit 95Ti is very quick and forgiving, it’s a good option if you ski with a bit more of a conservative approach when the snow gets really rough. The Fulluvit 95Ti feels best when taking it slower and making a lot of short turns in firm chop, rather than opening it up and charging through the snow at high speeds.


I got to ski the Fulluvit 95Ti after a few storms at Taos left some soft snow on the steeper terrain. For only being 95 mm underfoot, the Fulluvit 95Ti was a blast in soft snow, though I ended up trading it out for something a bit wider on deeper days. If you like the Fulluvit 95Ti but want something better suited to pow days, check out the Gottaluvit 105Ti.

And while I’d choose a wider ski for deep snow, the Fulluvit 95Ti performed very well in pow, given its width. Its shovels planed pretty well in 10-12 inches of fresh snow and I didn’t experience any unexpected tip dive. I felt that the Fulluvit 95Ti floated a bit better than other skis in this waist width (including the longer and wider 177 cm Nordica Santa Ana 100).

The Fulluvit 95Ti’s rocker profile also helped it feel very maneuverable in soft snow, and this was especially useful in the steep and tight terrain in Taos’ West Basin. In some of the really narrow chokes, I was glad to have a ski that was so nimble and responsive.

Bottom Line

I think the K2 Fulluvit 95Ti is a great all-mountain ski for women looking for something that’s quick, maneuverable, and forgiving, but still pretty capable on firm snow. It’s not the stiffest or most stable ~95mm-underfoot ski, but I think intermediate to advanced skiers could definitely appreciate its quick and responsive feel, particularly in tight terrain or really troughed-out mogul fields. And since it’s pretty light, I also think the Fulluvit 95Ti could be a fun and playful touring ski or 50/50 ski.

There are damper and more stable skis, but the Fulluvit 95Ti offers some of the stability of those skis while being very forgiving, maneuverable, and fun.

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  1. Looking for your opinion on sizing up to 170cm versus staying with a 163cm? 5’7″ at 120lbs, advanced intermediate but looking to spend more time off piste.

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