Preview: Pivot Mach 429SL Carbon

Bike: Pivot Mach 429SL Carbon

Complete Build Specs and Geometry: Here

Rough Specs:

  • Full carbon frame (lighter than previous iterations)
  • Wheel size: 29″
  • Travel: 100mm
  • DW-Link Suspension
  • Fully integrates Shimano’s XTR Di2 Drivetrain
  • Internal cable routing
  • Complete builds start at $4,599
The Pivot Mach 429SL Carbon, Blister Gear Review
The Pivot Mach 429SL Carbon

Pivot has released a new, improved version of the Mach 429SL Carbon, their XC race whip for those who prefer 29″ wheels.

I’ve yet to ride the new Mach 429SL, but I have spent time on the similar Mach 4 Carbon (with 27.5″ wheels), which is a supremely capable rig. The Mach 4 treads a fine line of being forgiving and playful enough for an evening trail ride, yet is still light and efficient enough to be a serious contender when the starting gun goes off.

I expect that the Mach 429 SL will be very similar in this regard, and will be even more capable on cross country trails where bigger, faster wheels can be a real advantage.

Pivot claims that they’ve managed to shave 226 grams off the new Mach 429SL’s frame, and the bike wasn’t exactly an anchor to start with.

According to Pivot, the 429 SL’s frame weight is now “from 5.3 lbs” and “sub 23 lbs complete.” Assuming they’re referencing a size Medium here, larger sizes should weigh a touch more. But regardless, 5.3 lbs. is pretty competitive for a 4″ travel bike, and Pivot is known for making some of the more laterally stiff frames out there, too.

The second, and perhaps more interesting point about this new 429SL build, is that the frame is specifically designed to be accept Shimano’s electronic Di2 drivetrain. The frame has an internal mounting system for the Di2 battery, keeping the electronics nicely tucked away. (For a schematic of the Di2 system’s internal routing on the 429 SL’s frame, click here.)

And if you’re not interested in running the Di2 system, you can still run “standard” shift & brake cables internally. But if you’re going for the best of the best, the Mach 429SL is the 2nd frame produced that allows for a truly clean, internal way to run the Di2 system (the first being the Mach 4 Carbon).

Aside from those revisions, the Mach 429 SL has everything you’d expect to find on a top of the line bike, including a PF92 press fit bottom bracket and Fox Factory suspension (see the full specs and build options on Pivot’s website.)

We’ll have to wait and see if the Mach 429 SL is really as good on the trail as it appears to be on paper, but I’m expecting to be impressed.

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