2010-2011 Dynafit Titan alpine touring boot

2010-2011 Dynafit Titan alpine touring boot, BLISTER

Boots: Dynafit Titan, size 27.0, 103mm last

Skier: 6’2”, 210lbs, athletic, technically proficient, fast and fluid skier.

Foot: size 10.5 / 11 street shoe, c+ width (105mm width, static/weighted), high instep, low volume ankle and lower calf.

My regular ski boots: Nordica Jah Love, 98mm last, 130 flex with no grinding or punches.

Conditions tested: Backcountry powder, sun effect, wind effect, inbounds soft, chalk, firm. Basically everything.

Duration of test: 14 days.

The Dynafit Titan is not exactly a new boot (it has been out for several years), but it is still certainly worth a look if you are in the market for a new AT boot.  On paper, it might be easy to write off the Titan as too heavy for long tours, or too soft for hard, inbounds charging. I don’t believe either to be the case.

Finishing Details: The boot is a nicely polished boot overall, but I personally did not care for the mix / match lower buckles. However, this did not affect how the boot skied in any way. I also didn’t care for the thin, flimsy power strap, but again, while skiing, I never noticed it being “too little.”

Fit: the Dynafit is certainly more roomy than my Nordica, race-lasted, alpine boots, but did prove to be far more anatomically correct when compared to the Scarpa Mobe. Out of the box, the boot was comfortable, fairly snug, and definitely a lower volume in the important places such as the heel pocket, upper cuff, and ankle. The stated 103mm last seemed to be pretty spot on. I did need to elevate my foot in the heel to make contact with the top of the shell and secure my foot into place, and this was accomplished with one thick bontex boot fitting shim (available through Tognar Toolworks).  I did not ski the heavy, thick, but fairly low density stock liner, and instead switched in an Intuition Powerwrap liner. This saves 150+ grams in weight and offers a much higher performance ride to the boot.

Stiffness: Once cold in the snow, the Titan would be called a 115-120 flex boot, and I feel that they are plenty stiff to drive big skis (I used them on the 112mm-waisted DPS Wailer 112RP, the 120mm- waisted DPS Lotus 120, and the 138mm-waisted DPS Lotus 138 and drove them all admirably).  The cuff is tall enough to access all of these skis (in 190-192cm lengths) and have plenty of leverage to bend the skis. I felt no noticeable play or flex in the walk mode. It felt rock solid in all conditions.

Touring:  The Titan tours exceptionally well. It has a greater range of motion and much more smoothness to its stride than the Scarpa Mobe. In fact, the Titan sets the bar quite high for stride efficiency compared to any beefy alpine boot, and I was quiet happy with its touring capacity.

2010-2011 Dynafit Titan alpine touring boot, BLISTER
Marshal Olson, Rogers Pass / Haystack Mountain, Colorado. (photograph by Dave Bourassa)

Skiing: Overall, this is a nice boot for the aggressive skier. I did find the boot to be quite tall (your foot is very high compared to many boots), and this created a little strange leverage the first few runs on firm snow. I found myself over turning the skis initially.

The Titan is a little roomy to really call it a replacement for a race stock alpine boot, but for someone coming off a mid-lasted alpine boot in the 110-120 flex, this could legitimately be a boot quiver of one.

4 comments on “2010-2011 Dynafit Titan alpine touring boot”

  1. Hey Marshal,
    Thanks for the sweet review. Do you know how these compare to the Dynafit Zzero? I’ve read that, if your ski is over 100mm in width you go with the Titan, if under, with the Zzero. I don’t know if you’ve skied the Zzero, but if you have, I’d love to hear your input.

  2. hi alex,

    the titan and zzeus are the same boot, just with different plastics. the zzero is a totally different boot. much softer, much more volume. the zzero will be a little better for straight touring needs, but these days, the tlt5 is going to tour significantly better AND ski significantly better than the zzero. hope that helps.

  3. Hey Marshal, have you spent much time on the Zzeus? What is your take on the Zzeus/Titan comparison? I’m trying to figure out if I can save money by throwing my powerwraps in pair of used Zzeus’ and get a boot that can drive fat skis and charge under my skinny 6′ 150 lb frame. Thanks!

  4. greetings andrew, the titan and zzues are nearly the same boot. the zzeus is just made from softer plastic, and does not have the rear spoiler in the cuff. if the titan was a 100 flex boot, the zzeus is about a 90. hope that helps? cheers!

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