5 comments on “2020-2021 Blizzard Sheeva 11”

  1. The 179 Gunsmoke is my favorite ski of all time and I was really sad when they retired it. I’m so torn on the Sheeva 11. My newly beloved 173 Black Pearl 98s ski way longer than the 179 Gunsmokes, but going all the way down to a 172 with this much rocker seems a little short while going up to a 180 with less rocker than the Gunsmoke seems like an awful lot of ski for my size. Wish this one came in at somewhere around 175-176!

  2. Hi! Based on the skis you have tried, which would you recommend between the Sheeva 11, QST 118, or HOJI W to an advanced-expert skier? I’m only 5’2″ and 120lbs, and don’t want to get “skied” by the skies when conditions are less then ideal.

  3. Looking for my wife … Sheeva 11 vs Liberty Genesis 116 for a cautious advanced skier looking to have some fun in pow … coming off of Salomon Q-96 Lumen. Thanks!

  4. My favorite all time all mountain everything ski has been my nordica La Niña – for some reason I did not like the Santa Ana went with the sheeva 11 which I just bought…..fingers crossed

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