23/24 DPS Skis | Blister Summit 2023 Brand Lineup Video

At Blister Summit 2023, we sat down with Thomas Laakso, DPS’s VP of product and operations, to learn about their 2023-2024 ski lineup, including the brand-new Kaizen collection; how they’ve continued to evolve their use of carbon fiber, different woods, and other materials; the updated Koala series and Koala 111; making skis in the U.S., and more.


Learn more about the Blister Summit here

Intro 00:00
New Kaizen Construction & Models 1:34
Use & Evolution of Carbon Fiber 4:59
DPS Kaizen Ski Models 7:28
DPS Koala Skis 14:34
Sustainability & U.S. Manufacturing 22:30

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4 comments on “23/24 DPS Skis | Blister Summit 2023 Brand Lineup Video”

  1. I am not sure I got it: did Kaizen replace Pagoda (not tour)? It seems the lotus 124 with the new top sheet in white is still Pagoda. Why didn’t they make that kaizen if it is better?

  2. I get that Kaizen is replacing Pagoda for frontside, but is there no tour line this season? Was expecting a Kaizen Tour announcement or is the Pagoda Tour being carried through?

  3. I joined the DPS Dreamtime call last week and as far as I understood it:
    Kaizen 100, 105, 112
    Pagoda Tour 100, 106, 112
    Lotus Carbon 117 and 124
    Lotus 138
    Koala 103, 111, 118

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