Peter Bauer on the Past, Present, & Future of Snowboarding (Ep.55)

When it comes to discussing the history and culture of snowboarding — and how it is indelibly tied to the history and culture of skiing — few people are better qualified to weigh in than Peter Bauer.

Amplid Founder, Peter Bauer on the Blister Podcast
Peter Bauer – 4-time world champion, co-founder of Amplid. (photo by Manuel Pale)

Peter is an extraordinary guy. Born in Bavaria, he started skiing at the age of two. Sixteen years later, he saw his first snowboard, and was immediately captivated. And then just two years after seeing a snowboard for the first time, he was riding so well that the man himself, Jake Burton, asked Peter to ride for Burton, and Peter went on to become a 5-time European champion, a 4-time world champion, and one of the true pioneers of freeriding.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Peter was also intimately involved in product design Burton for about 20 years, then around 2004, Peter co-founded Amplid, the first company ever to make both skis and snowboards right from the get-go.

Peter and I touch on all of these things, and whether you are passionate about skiing or snowboarding — or skateboarding or surfing, which we also discuss — I am certain that you are going to appreciate this conversation.


  • Growing up in Bavaria, skiing at the age of two, and when he came to get on his first snowboard (4:25)
  • Being asked by Jake Burton to ride for Burton (14:27)
  • The early days of snowboard design (19:30)
  • The early culture — and crusade — of snowboarding (24:57)
  • Snowboarding, self-identification, and the need early on to be “against skiing” (31:37)
  • How the industry and snowboard media hurt the growth of snowboarding (38:19)
  • Which industry currently has the healthiest culture — snowboarding, skiing, surfing, or skateboarding? (46:33)
  • What is the status of park riding today, and what is the status of backcountry riding today? (54:27)
  • As a rider, which of your achievements or titles are you most proud of? (1:01:40)
  • What led you to start Amplid, and what makes Amplid unique? (1:03:19)

5 comments on “Peter Bauer on the Past, Present, & Future of Snowboarding (Ep.55)”

  1. Any possibility of getting some reviews of Amplid skis, specifically the Facelift? It looks very interesting, especially considering the weight to surface area ratio for what looks like a lightweight/touring/freeride ski. Unfortunately, the info here in the states or the access to demo the skis is pretty non-existent.

    • I got a pair of Facelifts last year. Stellar ski. Fairly soft, but excels in the soft stuff. 1575g @ 184cm per ski. I typically ski a longer/heavier setup, but was excited at how the Facelifts preformed. My only knock was the length (I prefer 190cm+), but rumor has it that there will be a 190cm version offered this year.

  2. Peter Bauer is a master of carving a snowboard. With more than three decades spent turning left and right almost every day of the winter it’s possible he’s racked-up millions of turns in his lifetime.

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