1-Board Quiver: Reviewers’ Choices (13/14)

One Board Quiver, Blister Gear Review.

Last year, we asked our ski reviewers the One-Ski Quiver question: If you had to choose a single ski to handle every and any condition, what would you pick?

Now, it’s time to ask our snowboarders.

1) What board would you choose for each of the following locations: Taos, Jackson Hole, Niseko, Canterbury Club Fields? (You’re allowed to pick a runner-up.)

2) What boards have you ridden that were the most difficult to leave off your list?

3) What boards do you imagine have the greatest likelihood of making your list, once you get to ride them?

And finally, the Ultimate, End-All-Be-All, No Caveats, Bottom Line, One-Board Quiver Question:

4) If you had to choose one board to use for the next three years, regardless of location, which would you choose?


1) We’ve only considered what we’ve actually ridden. 

This should, of course, be obvious, but the gear review world is a funny place. Some review publications give awards to stuff that they’ve hardly tested. We don’t. If you want to brush up on how we do things around here, check out the BLISTER Manifesto.

2) Selections must be of current boards. However, boards that have undergone minor tweaks and are still currently available are fair game.

3) No company has paid us to get their board on this list.

Blister is different. We don’t accept any money from any of the manufacturers we review. We don’t allow them to buy advertising on our website, and we don’t charge them a fee to review their snowboards. (Maybe that’s why our reviews don’t read like everybody else’s….)

Okay, on to our picks from reviewers Justin Bobb, Lance Peterson, Jed Doane, and Zeppelin Zeerip.

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