1-Board Quiver: Reviewers’ Choices (13/14)

One Board Quiver, Blister Gear Review.

Reviewer: Jed Doane

Age: 21 | Vitals : 6’2”, 160 lbs | Years Riding: 11 | Current Residence: Salt Lake City, UT (See full bio)

One-Board Quiver Selections

Taos Ski Valley 

Board #1: Rossignol Krypto, 159cm

One Board Quiver, Blister Gear Review.

The Krypto has the same directional, crud-plowing shape as Rossignol’s now-eliminated Experience, but it’s slightly more forgiving, and I think it would be ideal for steep lines in the trees and maneuvering around Kachina Peak.

Runner-Up: Rossignol Jibsaw, 157cm

One Board Quiver, Blister gear Review.

The Jibsaw is a stiffer park deck that can hold its own at high speeds. For groomer laps at Taos, dipping into the trees and jibbing off side hits, the playfulness of the Jibsaw is perfect. Its relatively stable feel on hardpack combined with a soft tip and tail for jibbing makes it a great board for a sunny day at Taos.


Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Board #1: Rossignol Angus MW

One Board Quiver, Blister gear Review.

The Angus is pegged as an all-around board, but its flex and reverse camber make it slightly too squirrely for everyday hardpack. But the mid-wide version of the Angus is amazingly fun and floaty in deep powder. Gondola laps through the trees would be ideal on the surfy Angus, while snapping 360s and riding switch are made possible by the directional twin shape.



Board #1: Rossignol Krypto, 159cm

One Board Quiver, Blister Gear Review.

The rockered nose, directional shape, and soft flex make the Krypto a perfect match for the deep tree runs at Niseko. The Krypto lets me drive powder turns with my front foot while staying afloat in even the most blower snow.

Runner-Up: Burton Fish, 156cm

One Board Quiver, Burton Fish, Blister Gear Review.

The (very) tapered nose and tiny pintail make the Fish good at one thing—cruising in deep powder (for most of us, at least. Then there’s Stephan Maurer throwing 1080s over 80-foot park jumps in“Mu and his fish,” but that’s another story). Reserved for only the deepest days, the Fish would be at home surfing around trees in Niseko.

Canterbury Club Fields

Board #1: Rossignol One, 159cm

One Board Quiver, Rossignol One, Blister Gear Review.

The One is an all-mountain board with a stiff tip-to-tail flex that can handle crud at high speeds as well as big-mountain freestyle trickery. For full-spectrum all-mountain riding at the Canterbury club fields, the One provides the perfect amount of stability and precision.

Runner-Up: Burton Custom (Camber), 154cm

One Board Quiver, Burton Custom, Blister Gear Review.

The Custom is a classic quiver-killer, only slightly refined since its introduction in 1995. For the variable conditions of the Canterbury club fields, I’d go with the Custom for its dependable snap and all-around performance on hardpack, crud, and powder.

Q: What boards were the most difficult to leave off your list?

A: Rossignol Retox

Q: What boards do you imagine have the greatest likelihood of making your list, if and when you get to ride them (or get to ride them more)? 


  • Rossignol XV
  • K2 Peacekeeper
  • Nitro Team
  • Jones Flagship
  • K2 Slayblade
  • Jones Mountain Twin

4) If over the next three seasons you had to ride one board, every day, regardless of location, what would you choose?

A: Rossignol One, 159cm. It’s a true twin with a stiff flex and magne-traction that can handle high-speed chute bombing and cliff stomping in variable conditions while being playful enough to jib and butter on a spring day.


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